The War on Testosterone


Some thoughts:

Menstrual cycle or no menstrual cycle? 

OK this is some super facts:

If your wife, your girlfriend, your partner etc. has a menstrual cycle, certainly you should treat her differently than if the other person did not.

We meant do not have menstrual cycles. Therefore, we should keep ourselves to a different standard than others, vice versa. 

Why do we deny our hormones?

Testosterone vs estrogen; these hormones are critical. If a man did not have testosterone we cannot produce semen or sperm which is potent and could be life and give birth to new generations of children.

Second, if a woman did not have estrogen, ovaries, menstrual cycles, etc.… we cannot beget children. 

The war on children?

I was at the park the other day, and I asked another mom a funny question; “In modern-day society, who do we care for more… children or dogs?” She laughed, joked and said frankly; “Of course dogs! As much as I hate it.”

Also another super annoying thing that I experienced about a year ago when at the Oakland international airport; there was a stupid dog bathroom, but no family bathroom for kids?

Another really annoying thing:

I was out with Seneca, the cutest kid of all time, and there was a stupid dog next to us, and suddenly everyone was fighting over the dog, talking about the dog and complementing the dog, while ignoring Seneca?

You are not allowed to say “I hate dogs“? 

A weird thing in modern day Society; modern day society has become extremely tolerant of dogs, but not children?

It seems in modern day society you are no longer permitted to say “I hate dogs”– but you can say “I hate kids”?


Individualism taken to an extreme? 

Some strange layers I see here: 

  1. First, it looks like this extremely strange transgender, transsexual, trend has to deal with the fact that people no longer care about children or kids. Let us consider if you’re a man and you want to do a sex change to become a woman, or vice versa etc.; typically, there is this trend that people who decide to do this don’t want to have kids. No this is not always true because you can have a man man, woman man, transgender, transgender, trans man, trans woman, any sort of combination, single parent etc. who could have kids… If they are adopted? But still… Early enough in the chain line and the chain-link you need a man and a woman to get a child.

Why do we deny hormones?

Also, it seems the trend is for some reason, we want to deny hormones. We want to all pretend like testosterone doesn’t exist, estrogen doesn’t exist, and that for some weird reason, our personal individuality matters more?

we are anti-steroids… But for some reason we support sexual changes via hormone therapy?

Once again modern day society is very weird and strange; we are not consistent. 

For example, there is a general consensus in America and beyond that hormones, steroids are bad. Everybody knows this. And I think it is a good thing;

Steroids shrinker balls in your testes, and it might cause irreplaceable harm where you cannot have children in the future.

Or even funnier yet;

if you are a bodybuilder hopped up on steroids, you could have the most impressive muscles in the physique, but the second you bed a beautiful woman, you can’t even get it up!

Kind of an unrelated note; apparently this is where cocaine is really bad; if you take cocaine, a man gets impotence and can’t get it up unless he takes Viagra instead?

These degenerates!

Why this matters 

So it looks like this weird hijacking of society has to deal with feminism, a little bit of masculinity, etc.

First, I looked at modern-day man and woman, and it is becoming very strange;

First, all of these men are all of them are these short, loser, skinny, kind of fit, and or skinny fat guys, who want to get all these beautiful women, and the women tend to be much more impressive; much more fit healthier, stronger and more muscular.

I have always been a feminist

“I’m a feminist,,, I love women!” – haha, joke to my friend Stephanie as an undergraduate at UCLA, age 20, junior year studying sociology, — sociology of the family class (essentially a woman’s study course)

Being raised to more or less a single mother, I think I have always been a feminist and cared for women. Even my younger sister who is two years younger than you, I have always treated her like a tomboy. From an early age I encouraged her to lift weights, do whatever she wanted, to defy typical gender norms.

Similarly speaking, if I was born a girl or a woman, certainly I wouldn’t want anybody to tell me what I could do or what I could not do based on my gender or sex or whatever.

But, there is this very very strange and bizarre trend in which a man is no longer allowed to be a man?

This is the problem:

A man and a woman, both have different hormones… and everyone uses themselves as their own reference point.

Therefore as a consequence, both sexes become confused about the other. 

For example, the typical commentary from men is that we often complain that women are not rational, too emotional, etc. The misguided thought is “why can’t they think like us or be like us?” But is this something we really desire?

Conversely, women don’t like men the way they are; women wants man to become more feminine; to be more compassionate, understanding, open minded etc.

Even Friedrich Nietzsche once said that Christianity was essentially a feminine religion, or a religion for women,,, whereas at least he praised Mohammadism (Islam)– the prophet Mohamed for being a male, masculine religion.


Why does this bother me?

Some issues at hand:

First, I feel like there is becoming this weird double standard. For example, as a man, I am given weird looks sideways plant is for walking around with my shirt off, or wearing short shorts, or essentially wearing a speedo in public. But the same time, it is 100% OK for women to walk around in Pants, biking shorts, have yoga shorts or whatever which essentially shows off all of their feminine parts?

The nuance is women are not permitted to show their nipples or their breasts in public. I think in America or California at least; it is illegal for a woman to walk around without a shirt on. But certain ways that I have seen women side skirt this  is by wearing a loose fitting white cotton ribbed tank top without a bra on, in which you could essentially see their breasts and their nipples underneath.

And trippy told, I think America’s weird; in a lot of indigenous cultures, Africa etc., it is totally normal for women to walk around bare chested. I think in America we have this weird sexual perversion with women, in which there is the strange dichotomy:

on one hand, we follow these quaker protestant ethics that a woman should be prim and proper, cover-up and be lady like, but in secret, men, I think at least 99.9% of men watch porn, either daily, every other day, certainly at least once a week, once a month, once a year?

I have never met another man who doesn’t watch porn

I quit watching porn around 2017, not because it was more realistically bad, I think I was just too busy. I was too busy in my thoughts, studying philosophy etc., I wonder if 99% of men simply watch porn because they are bored. Porn is just entertainment for men.

Also, what do people do in public versus private?

Zoom mishaps

Do you remember in the early days of Covid in which everyone switch to zoom? There was this very funny story about an older Caucasian male professor, I think he was teaching the history of East Asia or something, and he was doing a screen share, opened up a Google Chrome tab, And he was trying to access the website like “sacred histories of east Asia” or something,,, and it automatically auto filled to “”– haha! Yeah I’m pretty sure he lost his job quickly after that.

The hard and the tricky thing is that at least with men, it is impossible to know who they really are, what they really think what their behaviors truly are, unless you know what they do in private. It is impossible to know.

“What do you think of Maria Ozawa”?

Another funny meme; just ask another guy, if they know who Maria Ozawa is. If this guy is Caucasian, Asian, Asian American etc.… Essentially Maria Ozawa was a famous Japanese adult video star, originally born in Canada, half Canadian Caucasian half Japanese I believe; very popular.

I wouldn’t trust any man who preaches women’s rights or whatever, who secretly watches porn in private.

Does Mark Zuckerberg watch porn?


Does Elon Musk watch porn? Certainly yes. He jokes about all the time, “Google doesn’t care about what porn you watch”.

Also, does Jeff Bezos watch porn? Probably. Just watch the video interview with him recently with Lex Fridman– he is so insanely jacked, look at the vein popping out of his bicep! He is 59 years old, and it looks like he has high testosterone. The problem with a man in his position is that he is not allowed to just pick up any random woman, because he is such a high profile figure. also just read the medium article post exposé in which he on his own dirty emails and correspondence with that one TV female personality, it looks like he is a sleuth.

Apple Vision Pro?

Not to digress too much; but a funny thought; what percentage of guys who bought the Apple Vision Pro is curious or and or has used it to watch a virtual reality, 3D porn? 

What changes when you have a kid

I have a young boy, Seneca is currently three years old. Being around adults, and being a man and the father figure, certain things which I actually am uncomfortable with:

  1. Cursing: it just seems improper. Being with him around me all the time, he is finally getting to that point in which she is mimicking me, mimicking my speech patterns, and rehashing what I say. As a consequence, I realize that I have to be very careful about my tongue, And rewrite the way I just generally really talk.  Typically we have a front stage self in a backstage self; I want both to be consistent. Or another words, I never want to do or write or say anything in private, that I am not comfortable having Seneca read or no, same thing with Cindy.

The brain is plastic

Also another big thing that people don’t really talk about, is how plastic the brain is. Essentially what that means is the reason why we should never use Instagram, YouTube, or allow our children to use it is that it reprograms your plastic brain in strange ways.

“What’s an Instagram?”

The other day we were in West LA, and Cindy did this “solid core“ Pilates style workout,  and on the wall was this poster of all of the 12 or so instructors, their personal biographies etc. and at the bottom, there was this column in which they could share their Instagram handle. I was curious; was there anyone there who didn’t have an Instagram or shared? No. Everyone did.

Even though in LA, whenever I meet random strangers, the first question they always ask me is what my Instagram is at the end? I told them I don’t have one, and I just give them my phone number and first and last name instead.

Who will the future belong to?

I’m actually kind of excited; once all of the baby boomers, Gen X, Jen why etc. couples without children, who just own dogs, no children… Once they all die off, who will be the next emperors of the planet? Our kids!

America is in for a big problem

in the Jeff Bezos interview with Lex Fridman, they briefly discuss the notion of the 10,000 year clock, in which they created a mechanical clock nested somewhere in a desert cave which is purely mechanical, and will last for the next 10,000 years, as a consequence, the general metaphor is for us to think more long-term. For us to think more long-term; Jeff Bezos correctly predicts that 10,000 years from now, America won’t be around anymore. He is probably right. These are the big problems:

First, all of these really really rich and successful people, people on top of these big tag companies, it seems that they don’t really have any kids; maybe one kid, maybe zero kids, maybe a dog. Who is having children in America? Suburban families in Irvine, and poor Mexican people and immigrant families.

Thinking about the next generation

Something that Americans are really poor about; thinking about the next generation, the next generation of wealth etc.

We give all this lip service about intergenerational wealth whatever, but… Isn’t the most intelligent thing to literally think about the next generation, not in metaphor but our kids?

I thought the other day; when all the baby boomers die, all of the Gen X die, and also once all the millennials die, Seneca and his generation of kids, they will be the next rulers of the planet.

Because once again, all these people who don’t have kids and just have dogs ,,, eventually, when they die off, there are no longer there. I’m actually curious, if you’re a super rich executive at one of these big tech companies, and once you die, what happens to all of your wealth? Let us say you have 10 million, 100 million, 1 billion, $10 billion in the bank; once you’re dead, where will it go?

Just do you

I think the simple thoughts:

  1. Leave other people alone. If they want to change their gender sex, takes steroids or do hormone replacement therapy, let them be. Why do we care what other people do?

I think the nuance is this; when people start to superimpose their value judgments upon you and or your kids.

“I love their hair!”

Very weird happening; the other day I was at Apple Store, and a very friendly apple employee, look like an Asian American young woman, maybe in her 20s mid 20s, looked at Seneca with his cool haircut and said “I love their hair!”

It struck me a little aback. At first, I was a little bit confused, I wasn’t quite certain what they were talking about.  I then realized that that moment, maybe the employee didn’t know whether Seneca was a boy or a girl, and simply referred to Seneca as “they” or “their”. Now this doesn’t really bother me that much, but I’m just starting to see a strange shift in our lexical language.


Another funny happening; a few years ago, maybe four or five years ago, I was in downtown LA, at my favorite coffee shop (ilcafe on broadway) and I was chopping it up with one of the workers there, this is before Seneca was born. I introduced Cindy as “my partner“ (Bay Area early woke talk–) and the young guy looked a bit confused paused and said… “Business partner? Or…” then Cindy interrupts and says and jokes “No. Sexual partner”. Haha we all laughed.

The tricky thing about this term “partner” is tricky because it can mean a lot of things:

  1. Boyfriend, girlfriend, married man, married woman, gay partner lesbian partner LGBTQ partner etc.

As a consequence, it is an easy catch all term, to just refer to your significant other.

The reason why I find this term a bit problematic is that there are degrees here;

It is very very very very different if you are married versus not. 

No at least in California, I believe that same-sex marriage is legalized now, but still… I think there are some people who are in very very serious long-term relationships who end up not deciding to get married. Which is fine, I understand the whole anti-marriage sentiment, but still… I am pro monogamy, pro marriage. Of course, I am pro gay, pro lesbian, pro LGBTQ.

But I think the issue is that if we use the same term to refer both to boyfriend and girlfriend as partner, and or a married couple… This hierarchy loses its meaning. We must reestablish hierarchy.

This weird bias about polygamy?

Some thing I am very anti-is polygamy; the idea of having multiple wives, girlfriends boyfriends, partners, sexual partners or not sexual etc. This is another problem in American society; we don’t know what we want, and we don’t like closing doors, so we want infinite optionality.

Let us consider even in ancient Greece, ancient Greek mythology. Zeus and Hera. Husband and wife, king and queen on the throne. Certainly Zeus is the bad guy because he goes around sleeping with other mortals, sea nymphs whatever…  but still at the end today, in theory we could understand Zeus and Hera as married couple.

Marriage is important, is ancient and it goes back.

The big problem with polygamy, multiple marriages etc., even as a man; it is just too much stress and annoyance. It is difficult enough for a man to handle a single woman, let alone 2, 3 or more?

Is stoicism a philosophy only for men? 

First of all, I think store is for everybody. Man or woman, cat or dog whatever; I think it is a school of thought in the methodology I believe could benefit everybody.

I think this is the tricky thing:

A man should treat a woman differently than he would treat another man.

Specifically, I think a man should treat a woman with more privilege, more tolerance and patience than another man. 

And this is where the sexism comes in:

As long as a man does not have a menstrual cycle and doesn’t go through hormonal shifts like a woman, a man should always treat a woman with more privilege.

Why are we so hush-hush about hormonal shifts, ovulation cycles, menstrual cycles?

I have a younger sister, but still as a young boy growing up, teenager etc., I was very confused and I had no idea about having a period, ovulation cycles, how it all worked etc.

I actually have a vivid memory, the only young vivid memory I had is his child regarding my mom, I think my mom still had a period and a menstrual cycle, and she accidentally leaked in the bed with the white sheets, and I remember my dad yelling at my mom about it, my mom being very embarrassed about it.

As a consequence, in America at least my generation, born in 1988, we had this weird sexual education in which sex was stigmatized; abstinence was what was taught in school, we were shown all the scary images of STDs, STI’s, etc.; in the general ideas that if you have sex, doesn’t matter if protected or not, with or without a condom doesn’t matter… You might catch HIV AIDS and die. 

Also, it didn’t really help being raised Catholic, confusion, Korean American, in confusion cultures, these Asian cultures, certainly Catholicism, sex is seen and treated as being evil, not to be trusted etc. 

Sex positivity is a good idea

Why is flexing, flexing or muscles seen as poor taste?

Am I the last masculine person alive?

Even when I would go to the gym, all of these guys… Doesn’t matter if they were super strong or jacked or whatever… I didn’t really consider these guys as masculine? Why? Too dark in Marose, perpetually having a frown on their face, always having Headphones or AirPods on, antisocial, weird behaviors?

Real men, outside smiling, topless, joking and chatting with each other, shooting the shit.

In fact one of my fondest memories was early Covid when all the gyms were closed, and I would just go to the local park and do calisthenics and meet all these other guys and just talk shop with them.

What is the problem here?

My personal take is that the problem is this weird mole people philosophy to life, too much time spent indoors.

Being indoors promotes antisocial behavior

Something else I have discovered is that being indoors is bad. At the gym, which is an enclosed indoor space, people are strangely antisocial. However if you work out at the park, in the great outdoors, etc.… People are much friendlier and happier.

The solution:

Build more outdoor gyms?

We off the grid grid grid!

A simple solution and suggestion I have is this:

Build your own outdoor gym!

 I currently live in LA, unfortunately I have two parking spots. One of them I parked my Prius, the other one I store my weightlifting equipment and my squat stand, and I just workout there. 

This is great for many reasons:

  1. I save time. Even 10 minutes, five minutes, 13-14 or 15 minutes stuck in traffic driving somewhere to the gym, is time better spent working out by myself at home.
  2.  Better for your health: maybe there is something to be said about having access to fresh air. Asian people believe in moving circulating fresh air, how it is critical for health and well-being. Traditional homes in Asian homes, they are always a little bit cold, in Korean Japan; the walls are made out of parchment paper, which allow air to float in and out, and I think there is a greater culture that one must be subjected to the elements, homes are both indoor outdoor places.

Less activation energy

Another great upside of working out at home, is that there is less activation energy. A lot of people don’t exercise or work out because going to the gym seems like it is too much friction. Another thing I learned from Jeff Bezos is this infamous “buy it now” or “one click buy” concepts; if you reduce the friction to buy something, it makes life easier.

For example, it is important for people to buy stuff, and I think and I believe that Amazon prime is a massive net plus to society. 

So perhaps the great upside of working at a home, I think for optimal health should lift weights every day, at least once a day? Maybe even twice a day?

Media and bad feelings?

Maybe one of the big problems here is media. Media and bad feelings and emotions, over sentimental emotions?

For example, I was actually very very very curious about the Barbie movie, thinking of it like a good sociological watch, just like watching the matrix, 3.0.

However the big problem even watching that scene where Barbie goes into the real world and talks to the little girl Sasha; really really bad emotions and feelings here.

I actually wonder, if so much of modern day life, is ruined and bastardized by the fact that people watch all these shows and movies and stuff, which actually promotes anger, bad feelings, etc.?

What is the solution?

The simply thought is don’t watch media, don’t let your kids watch any media. It really messes them up.

Whether you have a boy or a girl doesn’t matter; movies are evil?

Who is the Director?

I know the thing that people don’t really think about and consider; ultimately, when you watch a film or a movie or whatever, it ends up being a magnification or a metaphor, the brainchild of the Director?

Therefore, a simple heuristic:

Before watching any sort of movie, film, cinema, TV show series whatever… First do research on who the Director the producer is, and then work your way backwards.

If the philosophy or political thinking of the Director or the producer or the creator is not in line with your own personal set of beliefs, then don’t watch it or consume it.

What does the Director or the producer look like?

Looks matter. Height physiology, facial morphology etc.

Google is Clickbait?

A new pro tip, in order to avoid getting suckered by Google, Google images, which is essentially all Clickbait at the end of the day,  just use flicker, and use the little search icon when searching celebrities directors famous people etc. Try to get full body shots, and ideally, try to witness certain things:

Their height, their physiology, their body fat percentage, their muscle mass, what their face looks like.

For example, only beautiful people could produce beautiful artwork and films. 

If the producer, artist, Director is somebody you do not consider as beautiful, don’t watch read it or consume it.

Ugly in face, ugly in soul (Plato?)

Monstro in animo, monstro in face?

Creating your ideal or being the ideal?

 one of my favorite directors of all time is Zack Snyder, who produced the new Superman, the new Batman man, Justice Lee, as well as the original 300 movie. I rate the movie 300 as one of the best films of all time.

Something very interesting I found and discovered Zach Snyder is actually pretty short, only 5 foot seven? King Leonidas, Gerald Butler is maybe 6 foot one or something, so this is what I think: 

We create our own ideals.

 Therefore my cyclone Alicis is when Zack Snyder is creating a film, he is creating an idealized version of what he wishes he was.

For example as a kid, I grew up watching Johnny bravo, as well as being really into Arnold Schwarzenegger, in fact, it was always my personal ambition to be like the terminator, like Arnold. I’m around 5 foot 10 1/2, 5 foot 11; people always think I am shorter because I am Asian, which is essentially low-key racism.

Now what?

Easy; become your own ideal!