Sore or positive pain?

Paine is interesting and Paine comes in different flavors. There are some types of pain which signal some sort of catastrophic injury, or severe injury, whereas some types of pain are mild.

Fragile egos?

Another big problem here; looks like a lot of people have very fragile egos? 

What does that mean? They feel small compared with others.

becoming antifragile? 

What is the definition of a biological, human being? We humans are anti-fragile; which means that biological things and systems grow through stretchers, difficulties, challenges, exposure etc.

What that means is this:

Don’t seek to avoid stress; rather, how to harness stress and that great hydra and energy and power to your benefit.

I need moar power!

Apparently the secret to a long and happy life is a life with minimal stress. I disagree; I think the secret to the Grandis life humanly possible is the life with the maximum amount of stress, if dosed properly. 

Anger could be good

Truth be told, I don’t like being angry, the physiological feeling of anger begets more anger.

However, the great upside of anger is that often times, more anger could need more power; which means if you could harness anger to your benefit, you have more power. 

In modern day, civilized society one is no longer permitted to show anger or being angry. Why? In modern-day civilized society, one is not permitted to be violent, either metaphorical or literally.

A simple stoic thought is curb your anger, and become exceedingly tolerant, and hold your tongue, even if it means chewing on broken glass, in regards to your partner your wife your girlfriend your female mate etc. My personal thought is we should ever only hold anger in regards to other men.

The key

Once again, anger is not an emotion to be extinguished; rather yielded.

For example, think of anger and emotions like a torrent, a storm, a huge rushing river or thing. For example, you could use huge massive flooding rivers to power water plants, hydroelectric plants, to produce energy. Some are speaking, you could use volcanoes, volcanic pressure, heat and fire to also produce energy.

The wise man knows how to Arneis and exploit his energy and emotions, the weak man cannot handle them.

The dragon?

You could have a pet dragon, using your pet dragon as your ally or your companion, or, you could have some sort of loser dog slave.

It seems that the modern day man, often single and lonely, adopts a pet or some sort of pathetic dog, in order to augment his own self-worth. On the contrary, I believe a much more robust path is instead,  to not have any dependence, besides your own blood child, and harnessing your power energy and resources to fuel your passion, and pursue life goals and trajectories you discover critical for you.

How and when do we go wrong?

My problem with modern-day society is that we are overly sentimental, two week. Emotions come in a lot of different flavors, some types of emotions seem debilitating for a lot of people, some types of emotions could be yielded to your benefit. There’s no such thing as good or bad emotions in the ultimate sense, however there is a hierarchy of emotions in regards to whether they benefit you or not. 

A simple thought:

Is this emotion beneficial to me, is it serving me or not? 
A true beneficial emotion is an emotion which we consider beneficial and helpful to us. As a consequence, all the emotions should be thought of like this;

Act like a real owner

The great man cannot be deciphered?

Unlimited money and power