Anti Loser Thinking

The bone I have to pick with modern-day society is that the ideology is so loser-oriented. What that means is that I think humans don’t believe in their own self-agency as much; we seem to not think that we have that much control over our destiny, our bodies, our souls, etc.

The Will to Succeed?

Ever since I was a kid, ever since I was a fat 11-12-year-old kid in New York, my mom was working two full-time jobs, my dad was a deadbeat, just watching TV and movies at home all day, and I was a fat kid. I remember having a triple chin in the humid New York summers, not being able to fall asleep because all the chins stacked on top of each other, and I couldn’t fall asleep until I rubbed some Vaseline under my chins. I think I even recall weighing myself as a kid, maybe at around 11 years old, I think I was 120 pounds, and pretty short? This was before puberty.

I think the issue was way too much orange juice, hot pockets, sugary stuff, without knowing it. Also lots of barbecue sauce, ketchup, etc.

Anyways, at the age of 11, I made a vow to change things. Our friend Spencer laughs in warm recollection of how I started putting rocks in my backpack, running around Bayside Queens, trying to get fit. I asked my mom to buy me some weights, some dumbbells, and I still recall, her purchasing me 15-pound dumbbells, and eventually, I got strong enough that I could stack two 15-pound dumbbells on top of each other, and lift them as 30 pounds. Then later, getting 50-pound dumbbells, etc.

So one thing that a lot of people don’t know about me, which even predates Tarpy, is my passion for diet, health, fitness, working out, muscles, etc. I’ve literally tried everything. High fat, low-fat, high carb, low-carb, intermittent fasting, 7 to 8 small meals a day, bodybuilding, etc. More recently, powerlifting, now it is tending more towards strongman style.

“Realistic” vs “Unrealistic” Body Goals?

So this is a big differentiation between men and women; men want to get super jacked like the Terminator, and look like the Incredible Hulk or orc, which is typically done by doing steroids, artificial testosterone injections, and consumptions, etc. Women, on the other hand, seem to want to look slim, have a big butt, big breasts, etc.; and a certain facial structure which is predicated on makeup, plastic surgery, and Botox, breast and butt augmentation.

So this is the difference:

  1. For women, the ideal body look and facial look is achieved through plastic surgery.
  2. For men, the ideal body look, physique, and composition is achieved through steroids.


OK, I have a super simple suggestion for both men and women:

1. First, 100% Carnivore Diet for Both Men and Women. Plants Are for Cows.

A diet which is predominantly organ meat, grass-fed meat, bone marrow, etc. If you live in LA, just go to Gelson’s and ask them to cut you some bone marrow in the back. Or if you go to the local markets or organic markets, they often have frozen beef liver in the fridge or whatever.

For men and women, liver might be one of the most nutritious food items on the planet.

Therefore, if you’re just out and about with your kid and you see some organ meats at Whole Foods or wherever, just buy it and deal with it later.

2. Being Outside and Physical Fitness

So there are a lot of people who have therapists and mental things they want to deal with, etc.; I was asking my friend Jeffrey about this, who is now a young therapist, studying to be a psychiatrist, and I asked him:

as a therapist, are you allowed to prescribe exercise or physical activity for your patients?

He said no. Because in America, we have a strange relationship with our bodies. On one hand, I think a lot of people desire to just become like a vessel, a brain in a fishbowl. People are fools; they don’t seem to understand that the truth is I wonder if 99% of our “mental illnesses”, are actually physical in origin.

For example, being outside, direct access to the direct sun and UV radiation, I would rather get skin cancer than be miserable and be inside all day.

Second, some sort of physical activity or exercise. This is both critical for men and women. In ancient Sparta, I believe the girls trained as hard as the boys.

Also in ancient Sparta, they predicted correctly that once women were physically fit, they would get stronger children.

“Do You Do CrossFit?”

One of the best low-key compliments that I’ve been getting from people is this:

“Do you do CrossFit?”

It seems that this compliment is mostly from women — which is a low-key way of saying “I think you look good and sexy”.

In fact, my personal pro tip is all of your clothes should be sleeveless. Just wear a tank top, and a sleeveless down vest on top, always show off your shoulders, your traps, and your bare arms; let everybody know how jacked you are.

Make Yourself the Object of Fascination

So, this is another weird bias; it seems that in modern-day society, we are not allowed or permitted to be into ourselves. There is this weird duty to become like somebody else?

For example, typically the choir says “You must be like Jesus”. But, we forget that Jesus was not a pushover. He went to the temple, the Jewish temple, saw all of the money changers inside the temple, and cattle, brought out a whip and whipped them all out and said “how dare you do commerce inside my father‘s house!” Let us also not forget that Jesus was Jewish.

Also, being here in Culver City, which is essentially the new Hollywood, you see a lot of people, personalities, and individuals who look like they’re in media. Attractive interesting-looking people. But funny thing is that a lot of them are actually very short in real life. Even a lot of these rappers, Kanye West I think is only 5 foot seven, even Jeff Bezos is only 5 foot seven! Also, people don’t know that Kim Kardashian is short; she might only be 5 feet tall?

What Is the Will to Power?

For myself, I have always believed that “If you really want it, and you set your mind to it, you can get it.”

For example, body goals. It is very very very very easy for all human beings to become more beautiful, by lowering your body fat percentage, even without exercise. The simple thing is this:

  1. Quit all sugars, starches, dairy, cheese, lactose, nuts, legumes, pasta, rice, etc., even the “good ones“.
  2. Quit all bread, fiber, etc.
  3. Quit alcohol all of it, even red wine; new studies are showing that even two alcoholic beverages a week, even red wine can actually increase your chance of getting cancer.
  4. Quit smoking marijuana or taking CBD stuff.
  5. Quit fruit, vegetables, etc.

So, what do we eat instead?

  1. Organ meats: beef heart, beef liver, beef kidney, also bone marrow. A super simple thing to do is when you have a bunch of bones, beef bones, etc., just toss it into a pot or instant pot, add some water, boil it, and you could drink the broth!
  2. Eat lamb, beef, beef neck bone, red meat. The redder the better. Don’t eat pork because pork is white meat, don’t eat chicken or turkey and certainly no breast.
  3. Eat 100% grass-fed beef, short ribs, ribs, beef neck bone, etc.
  4. For “vegetables“, don’t eat vegetables… Only dark leafy greens. This is collard greens, kale, anything bitter. Bitter is better.


Beverages are simple: just drink water, tap water, filtered water whatever, and black coffee, nothing added to it.

Don’t drink milk, real or fake, it is all just sugar in disguise with a good conscience.


The thing with exercise is that it should not be some sort of weird moralistic duty. Rather, we should think of it like play, pure joy. Autotelic exercise means the exercise you do, stuff you move around and lift weights for fun!

For example, a very interesting thing that I’ve observed about Seneca is that he never stands still; he is always moving around! He stands, he sits, he crawls around on his knees, he squats. Also a very interesting thing:

Whenever Seneca wants to pick something up, he always squats all the way down, full sumo style squat, ass to grass, every single time.

And now that I think about it, because he’s playing with toys all day, he might do this, what– a 1000 times a day?

Same thing goes with him picking up rocks and throwing around rocks! He’s not rewarded for throwing rocks nor does he do it for “exercise“, in order to “build muscle“, or “get fit”. Seneca throws rocks because it is fun, funny, and interesting to him! I wonder if it all is just like a physics experiment for him.

I think this is also my passion for weightlifting, one rep max lifting, always increasing your personal records. To me, it is just a physics exercise

and experiment;

How far can we push the human body, how strong can we become, without the use of steroids?

400 Pound Sandbags, and 2000 Pound Lifts

I was randomly on Google and YouTube, and I saw this thing on the History Channel, history of the world’s strongest man something like that, and it was centered around the idea of seeing whether the strong men could lift 2000 pounds.

Essentially Brian Shaw, the strongest of them all, also it seems that he is the best at taking steroids, was the winner. Apparently the other guy who attempted the same, an older guy with knee wraps, was able to do it, but tweaked something in his upper shoulders.

I think one of the proudest moments of my life was when I was able to successfully lift 1000 pounds, which I coined the “Atlas lift“. And now that I think about it, seeing those other guys do it, I’m sure if I kept my training up, I could eventually get to 1100 pounds, 1200 pounds, 1300 pounds, 1400 pounds, 1500 pounds, and beyond. Maybe I cannot do 2000 pounds, because I don’t take steroids, but still… It is all achievable without steroids. Also, I do it all while fasting.

Anything and Everything Is Possible

Another thing that I’ve been doing quite religiously the last seven years or so is intermittent fasting, no breakfast, no lunch, only one insanely big dinner a day. I aim for at least 4 to 6 pounds of meat for dinner every sitting. During the day, I just drink water and black coffee, and I’ll wait until dinner time.

To a lot of people, that seems impossible, but obviously it is not. In the beginning, obviously, you get some hunger pangs, but, my solution is simple:

If you want to start intermittent fasting, the night before, eat 5 pounds of beef short rib, bone marrow, beef liver; the trifecta. I can guarantee you won’t be hungry until dinner time the next day.

In fact, I almost want to become like a food diet fitness exercise advisor to some of my favorite heroes, Elon Musk, Kanye West.

Elon Musk looks terrible. I think he should start doing some sort of hot sauna, spend more time doing meetings outside in the sun, get into weightlifting, eating more organ meats, bone marrow, etc. I’m still convinced; bone marrow, which Achilles was raised on, is the most superior and supreme steroid of all time.

Just do some research with Google and ChatGPT; the majority of the diet of Achilles as a young child was bone marrow, and organ meat; heart, bone marrow, etc.


Do not trust any food diet health science from any of these skinny fat loser academic scientist types. First of all, just look at them; they are all pale and sickly, no muscle mass whatsoever. They might be into running or at worst — rock climbing– which is bad because it is all indoors typically.

This insidious idea that “a calorie is a calorie”, and the notion “calories in, calories out.”

Let us do a thought experiment. Let us say that you lift weights every single day, and you had two options:

Consume 2000 cal of Twinkies versus 2000 cal of bone marrow and beef heart.

Let us just think; at the end of it, who is going to look better? Who’s going to get fat? Certainly, the person eating Twinkies.

Also, another thought experiment; this one is in regards to “protein”, which I think is also a bit of a scam. If you’re a bodybuilder, weightlifter, or whatever, and every day you eat 500 grams of protein via protein powder versus beef liver, who is going to get more jacked, whose testosterone is going to be higher? Of course, the guy eating beef liver.

Increasing Your Testosterone

Very very simple guys; and also women, the goal is to get your testosterone up. And the best food items to get your testosterone up are beef heart, beef liver, beef kidneys, bone marrow, etc. The more cholesterol the food has, the better.

Experiment More With Your Diet, Less With Your Technology?

OK, now the new high watermark at least for mainstream devices is the Apple Vision Pro, $3499. Just think to yourself:

How many packets of bone marrow, beef liver, beef heart, beef kidney, etc., can this buy me?

Read Ancient

The only thing I trust is ancient literature on things food health diet, etc.

For example, the Iliad, the Odyssey, etc. Why? This is before they had all of this nonsensical “woke“ or “politically correct” BS. The Greeks, the ancient Greeks, were the highest men and humans of all time; no weak feelings, they delighted

in cruelty and joy in humans, the human body.

Make the Body Sexy and Beautiful Again

The biggest complaint or the biggest rebuttal against eating meat, being a carnivore, etc., is that “it is bad for the planet“. This is a bunch of BS. What else is bad for the planet? Your Tesla, your Prius, your iPhone, your iPhone Pro, your AirPods, Amazon Prime, through Netflix, etc. And also your dog.

Therefore, put zero trust or turn a deaf ear to anybody who invokes all this nonsensical thoughts on environmentalism; they are all fake.

Why do people buy Teslas? Not because they are “good for the environment“, but because they are sexy!

Now What?

  1. So speculate yourself via your diet, what you eat and what you don’t eat, as well as weightlifting equipment. Go to, and allow yourself to buy a bunch of weightlifting equipment and toys. Some things I recently ordered and got in the mail, insanely fast, I think it literally came within a day or two, were the “loadable farmer carry hack bar, farmer’s carry walk bar”, easy loadable farmers carry handles, attachments for my T3 independent squat rack for dips and chin-ups, and also something I’m very excited for; a 60-pound weight vest, which I might just take with me on my daily walks, or even hiking, or when I’m hanging out with Seneca.
  2. Give yourself a $1000 food speculation fund: load it up with bone marrow, organ meats, grass-fed beef, etc.
  3. Quit media: quit your Netflix, cancel it all. No Hulu, Apple TV, Apple TV+, Disney, Disney+, HBO, HBO Max, etc. If you want to watch something, just buy it on the Apple store, Apple TV store, and just watch it.

Other Things

Other things and suggestions include spending more time being in nature! I think for anybody who is in a poor mood, assuming that the sun is out, go to the beach, go on a hike! Find some easy nature hike trails close to your place, you don’t need to drive more than 20 or 30 minutes.

And also suggestion: turn off your phone, all the way off, and just keep it locked inside your glove compartment. Or if you take your phone with you, turn it off 100%.

What Else?

My secret to happiness is simple; 30,000 steps a day, and spend at least eight hours a day outside!