“Life is a game of monopoly, go outside and cop yourself some property.” – MIGOS A random thing on the road to moving to LA is this — a random thing that was coming into my mind was this idea of finding some sort of property space, like buying a Triplex or a quadPlex, and… Continue reading CREATIVE MONOPOLY

Life Narrative

We on Bezos, trips to Lagos! – KANYE When you’re 90 years old on your deathbed, looking back at your life, what will you have regretted not having attempted or done? Regret minimization framework via Jeff Bezos When you’re on your deathbed, looking back at your life, thinking and considering certain parts of your life… Continue reading Life Narrative

Blank Slate Genius

To be naïve is a virtue in so far much as you have a blank slate, a blank mental canvas to innovate! Entrepreneurship by KIM Become the change which you desire to see manifested in the world! Become you. Think for Yourself. FREEDOM Never stop innovating. Entrepreneurship Mindset Put a Dent in the Universe.


The path to the greatest life is the life with Maximum risk: The path to real success: