Health is Prime

So I’ve been thinking a lot about life, money wealth, power property, digital physical etc. After all of the thinking and considerations, and also having my mom here at the moment, some thoughts:

The first big thought is health is prime. The other day I accidentally drink way too much coffee, and I had the worst splitting headache of all time, maybe in terms of pain…. a 9 out of 10. Still functional, full of energy, but the headache made everything bad.

And this is the funny thing, even if you have $100 million, $100 million worth of property, value stocks bonds, bitcoin crypto, yachts, private jets, Lamborghinis or whatever… No amount of wealth, beautiful women, beautiful scenery or things or food will alleviate your pain.

2. Body power

During the short period of time here, probably my greatest joy is having Cindy take my mom to yoga, hot yoga, doing a bunch of classes with her, barre etc. Also the great upside of having my own backyard garage gym is that I’ve already been able to do some weightlifting with my mom as well.

I think at my mom, I think the most important thing I value share for is for help. As being strength, vitality, high muscle mass and low body fat, posture, tenacity, diversity, bigger, ability to walk longer time without fatigue or having to sit down etc.

In fact, I think the tragedy of modern life, especially in culture is the thought that as one gets older, one should pamper people who are older by always having them sit, to move as little as possible etc. In America, I think the general idea is you want to get super rich, and all of these Assets you got have to do with something about sitting on your butt. I call it the pampered butt syndrome. 

For example, let us say that you want the Rolls-Royce the Bentley or Mercedes or whatever… What is it? Just a really good seat butt cushion.

And this is the thing I’ve realized about sports cars, hyper cars or whatever… Everyone admires your car, not you. In fact, and skinny fat loser, or old fat guy can push accelerator button on his foot, and make loud noises and go fast, This requires zero skill and also zero courage. A simple intervention I have is this:

Silent car, be insanely loud at the gym.

Or better yet,

Drive a Prius, and be loud and audacious in real life. 

In fact I was walking the other day, and I saw a guy pull up in a silver all electric Porsche Taycan car, now I realized… there’s not really much different from an electric car and driving a Prius. 

Cybertruck vision

I think the only interesting car currently in the universe is the cyber truck. It is like a wet dream out of all of my video game fantasies.

Anyways, probably the most interesting thing is the towing capacity. But, rather than shelling out the big bucks for it, I think it’s a better idea to try to transform your body into the cyber truck. A simple suggestion is buying a 60 pound weight vest at, or trying to lift 1000 pounds in the ERIC KIM atlas lift Fashion. 

Body shaming

This is my: in American Society, modern day Puritan American Society, the body is a thing to be ashamed of,.

What I realize is the reason why people hate me, and really really feel upset at seeing me walk around topless, with my full body beautiful sun kissed olive oil skin tan, looking like an ancient Greek or Mediterranean person, is that most people hit the way they look naked. I think this goes with both men and women.

Truth be told the only issue here is,. This includes alcohol, which causes cancer, weed and marijuana, and real milk, fake and real sugar, etc. I think the only things to consume is flush meat, or meat, ideally red, ideally grass fed, pasture raised, Pasture raised eggs whatever.


I’ve been on a really big Michael Saylor kick lately, this man is insanely insightful, and I trust him because  he has experience skin exposure and real life experience in the game. He has run Michael strategy SCO company, a software company for over 30 years, so I think he knows a thing or two about business economics money etc.

One of the big ideas he talks about is how body fat, human battery. I think if you take the average over fat person, you can essentially have them just run off of their bodies fat reserves for certainly at least 40 days without food. Only water and maybe coffee.

This is intermittent investing makes sense, eating only is the optimal strategy. It might be different for young children, and women going through a menstrual cycle, but for men, it should be defacto. 



I think the big thing that nobody has really given critical thought about is the philosophy of fitness. What does it mean, why does it matter, etc.

I think a very very level, a very very basic level, some simple thoughts on fitness include:

  1. Sleeping 8 to 10 hours a night, and feeling great in the morning and during the day
  2. A zest and passion for life
  3. Great energy to play, wrestle, run around with your kid
  4. No bodily pain, aches, etc.
  5. High muscle mass, low body fat percentage
  6. Ability to move great weight, impressive.

Perhaps, fitness is best made manifest through one’s demeanor, and gay upbeat demeanor.

The gay monster

“Better to be a gay monster than a sentimental bore.” – Galiani

Being here in Los Angeles, LA for the last maybe five or six months… Some observations:

First, looks like a lot of people here are sad, lonely, listless and aimless. You could see it on their faces.

Most people here seem gloomy, morose, sick?

For example, men. I think the guy in LA, maybe around my age, a little bit older or younger, the typical look is this:

Some sort of decent job, drive some sort of base car, an Audi A3 or Q3, maybe single, maybe dating, maybe has a dog (foster), doesn’t work out, if you work out he works out ironically, spends almost all his time indoors or at the office, always hides his eyes by wearing fully tinted sunglasses, covers his head or maybe his bald or balding spot with the cap or baseball cap, hides his face with facial hair or some weird Hitler mustache, hides his body shape with baggy oversize flannel and baggy pants, and tries to show off his distinctness by wearing some sort of irregular trainer shoes?

Also, the typical guy in LA always has AirPods on, doesn’t make eye contact, never smiles, is a coward?

Women in LA are much better class, but still, I just got the sense of everybody is lonely.

People in LA are actually not that fit?

My joke is this, when I ask people, what food do people in LA eat, my joke is that people in LA don’t eat food, they just drink $15 juices, and alkaline water. 

Spending a copious amount time here in Los Angeles, the very funny irony is that even though we are at the self centric image conscious center of the world, people here are actually very very unfit. Even the people who go to the gym every day, or maybe do yoga every day… They don’t really look that well.

In fact, I found that in the suburbs of Orange County, at least the men are much more muscular, more weightlifting and powerlifting, but also the problem in there is that a lot of those guys take steroids.

If you exercise every day all the time, and you’re still miserable, something needs to change.

Being friendly is free?

A very very simple suggestion I have is make eye contact with people, smile, wave, give them the thumbs up give them a head and not, a fist bump, or a peace sign. Better to risk being friendly and get ignored, or rejected, rather than be the typical Standoffish loser.

Once again, being standoffish is cowardly and unmanly. Real men, real alpha men are all friendly gay and joyful, and will always greet you. I think it is only the beta men who are so self-conscious that when you wave high to them, they pretend like they didn’t even see you? Really weird.

Back to nature

The other day I was spent all day walking around town with my mom in Seneca, a lot of walking. And the truth is there is no greater privilege in the world than to simply walk around all day. Why?

First, what is the purpose of human being? To, move around!

Second, the best way to engage and talk is via walking. Even Steve Jobs was famous for enjoying walking meetings, even Nietzsche said that the best thoughts always come to you while walking!

Walking life

What is the supreme privilege of man?

I think the supreme privilege of man is to walk, walking, moving around, being upright.

The other day I saw a bunch of losers drive by me in red Ferrari, checking me out walking around in my 60 pound weight vest. They were stuck in traffic like the typical LA, and I just gave them ahead and odd, and they pretended to not see me and look away.

I realize when you’re walking, walking on the sidewalk or whatever… Technically you’re higher up than anybody who is sitting on their butt in the car. Maybe the only other nuance is seeing those guys in those lifted trucks, but this is my observation:

Big car, small man

In fact a lot of these guys to drive these trucks, who seem to like to wear trucker hats, tinted sunglasses, lots of facial hair, tend to be fat with a bunch of tattoos, when they pop out of there lift a truck tend to be pretty short. I suppose you could add to your suspension, but not your own bodily frame and soul.

Nobody is your match

Never judge or another man until you have stood straight up, next to next to him, in real life, to toe eye to eye, seeing the height differential.

I suppose the reason why I’m so grateful and happy is that I’m quite tall at around 5‘11“. And as time has gone on, and as I have been wearing around my 60 pound vest, doing more upright the grid workouts in my backyard garage, my backyard LA parking lot, my posture has improved. It has given me at least an inch of height.

I suppose you can help your genetics in terms your height, but you could help your posture.

In fact, I see a lot of testosterone and confidence, even if they are short, because they walk upright, chin up, chest up, shoulders back.

I think the first way to fix her posture is never set. Either stand up, walk around, or lie down on your back.

Suggestions, treadmill, or even easier, just walk around town with your iPad Pro and voice dictate like I am doing now.

Or, if you’re some sort of successful executive who needs to be on FaceTime, zoom, or phone calls, just walk around with your iPhone pro and take calls that way, not some depressing, doesn’t matter if you are at the Apple Amazon or Google office, go outside!

The privilege of nature

The best financial investment you could probably do is get some sort of annual parking pass, Cindy just bought one for us and all of Los Angeles County for about 100 bucks for the whole year, best investment of all time, especially considering that a lot of these national parks cost about $15-$20 in just one entry parking spot.

My mom has cooperated with me is that you nature, surrounded by trees there is more oxygen in the air, which is good for your brain your body and your soul.

Also, uneven surfaces, elevations. The reason why I enjoy walking or hiking in the mountains is that each and every step is different. We recently went to this place called Vasquez rocks, where I think the last Star Wars movie was filmed, and we scrambled up these rocks, it was the real life rock climbing, 1 trillion times more interesting than any stuffy indoor climbing gym. And also, on the stone path, each and every step was different, variety and the environment is the best stimulus for your brain.


Can you invest money into health?