Think Long

Chaos & Bitcoin

2020– 17,732 bitcoin haven’t sold — you don’t sell your Bitcoin

158,400 Bitcoin micro strategy —

Consistently acquire more bitcoin

Debt equity for more Bitcoin

$4.7B of real money into Bitcoin

Below 10k– 175M cash Bitcoin


How many bitcoin do you have when Bitcoin hits 1M or 10M a bitcoin


No –>

Don’t think it is wise to sell bitcoin

Bitcoin Maximalist –> apex asset

Our strategy is simple — levered, long Bitcoin operating company

1.6% interest borrow

Buy more Bitcoin


Long Bitcoin

I wish $9,500 a Bitcoin — I wish I bought more!


August 10th, 2020–

192% increase

Big tech not as good as bitcoin

242% up –> levered long Bitcoin

Borrow money to buy more Bitcoin

Billion dollar borrow at 0%–> intelligent leverage


7 year 9 year 5 year term loan –> intelligent leverage.

Next 30 years want to own

Bernard aurnauld test —

Under perform or over perform?

40% cost to capital –> has to yield that … risk free

Risk Premium


All falling knives

USD money supply being increased –> world reserve currency

7% Year over 100 years

Weak currencies –> 14% a year inflation , 21% a year.

$1M debasing currency for 100 years worth $70 bucks


Three choices

  1. Hold in USD — lose 7% a year cut half in decade … $1M to $700




Purchasing power?


They can’t beat Bitcoin –> risk and liability of humans operating a physical property in the real world

Bitcoin is 100 years is 14%

200% a year — 40% a year14% vs 7$

Million becomes a billion


Double 10 times in a row


Think 3 generations ***

No panic

You own the most desirable thing in the universe –> your family is rich

It is always a bad idea to sell the good thing and buy the valuable thing


No taxable event ***

Weaker properties

Tax free

Bitcoin is replacing bonds ***

Bonds are paying coupons

900T of value on the planet

850T in real estate, bonds, collectibles


Bitcoin is the strongest capital


Sell the sp index and buy Bitcoin, sell real estate and buy Bitcoin


Move out of that dimension


Over exposed to physical companies, stocks , physical collectibles and gold–