Bitcoin Power

I’ve been following bitcoin ever since I lived in Vietnam off the grid, around 2016 2017. I still will never forget, when I was in my junior year living with my roommate Kevin, in our UCLA studio apartment housing, I think my friend Kevin was already, and told me about the whole bitcoin thing and the whole pizza thing, and he said –“Hey Eric, we should just buy $100 worth of bitcoin and see what happens to it.” I remember I think I was doing something else, slightly distracted and shrugged and said “Eh… let’s not bother… it’s probably a scam”. I think at the time bitcoin was worth a fraction of a cent, so in theory me and Kevin both could’ve just bought hundreds maybe even thousands a bitcoins, while we were still in college, I think this was 2009. Before either of us even owned a smart phone. I actually think the original iPhone 3 came out my junior of college.

Anyways, fast forwarding a bit when living in Vietnam, at one of my beloved coffee shops, I remember seeing bitcoin at around $300 a bitcoin, seeing at least spike beyond $1000, which the mind of anybody following it. I think other fantastic Limits included when it broke $10,000 a bitcoin, $20,000 a bitcoin, $50,000 a bitcoin, now over $70,000 a bitcoin. My personal thought is once it breaks $100,000 bitcoin, it is only uphill from here.

“If it is not going to zero, it is going to a million” – Michael Saylor

We only ever lived once. I think for me the most fascinating about bitcoin is that it is pure, concentrated power. 

For example, I think I had this thought even before I started watching a bunch of Michael Saylor videos, but the general idea that I had is the reason why bitcoin is so fascinating is because all of the mining power that goes into it, and the final result is a bitcoin, or several bitcoins, in theory that energy that is stored in a bitcoin is non-perishable.

Also, random things that I was thinking about like living off the grid, leaving the states, thinking about real estate, land, property, single-family homes whatever… Ultimately the interesting thought always comes down to the idea of the sake of what?

Seneca at LEGO CAMP

So really exciting news, Seneca now at the age of three years one month, his first taste of socialization is this wonderful LEGO camp that I enrolled him in!  Replaying my own personal childhood, it is like a Lego technics focus on gears police. Seeing him learning and grow is so grand.

Anyways, thinking a little bit ahead, in about 10 months or a year or so, we might be in Cambodia or out of the country or something, and also I’m sure before we know it, Seneca is going to keep on growing, sooner or later becoming a teenager, becoming a teen years old, and it is crazy… I think once you become a parent and become have kids Your time horizon expand. This means that it is actually much easier to see the future with great clarity. That Seneca doesn’t get killed by a crazy car, he will go through elementary school, K-12 education, graduate high school etc. By the time he turns 18 years old, he will be a full adult.

I think the humbling thing is knowing that when he turns 18 years old, that is only about 15 years from now. I am very certain that 15 years from now, things will be a lot different, we might be on the iPhone 20, I’m sure there’s going to be a baby Tesla model three cyber truck version, Model Y and X and as we all have upgrades, new versions, certain things will stay the same, others want. So trying to think about the next 15 years is a good one because not only is a practical, but it is also wise. Having a kid is the ultimate and thinking about the future, Explaining your horizons and time preferences, and living a grander life. Don’t be like the typical loser millennial, investing all this energy and effort into a dog, which will soon die, causing you to also rack up these bills for your dog getting cancer, dying, and you also eventually re-adopting a new animal because you don’t know what else to do.