A simple thought on life; a life lived with maximal passion, ambition, and personal interest:

First of all, let us address ambition:

How to Become More Ambitious

Ambition is funny because sometimes it is seen as a virtue, sometimes it is seem as a vice.

For example to be too ambitious is seen as a bad thing, because you do it at the “expense” of others.

I say fuck it — ambition is good. Ambition, to hunger and strive for more is one of the greatest virtues of man!

Ambitious for what?

This is the even more tricky thing — let us say you are ambitious, but for what?

Personally speaking I am more ambitious to see more, discover more, think more, become stronger, advance and evolve myself with more unique interesting and diverse experiences, to ultimately become more.

Truth be told I have almost zero interest in money. Why? To me, my greater goals are related to physical and physiological strength, towards innovation, entrepreneurship, and creating cool shit and sharing it with others! I seek a life with the maximum thrill, fun, uncertainty, creative risk, guts, and balls.

Your creative risk life goals?

I believe in the age beyond money and silly notions of success, I say it all comes down to creative ambition. That is, what do you desire to create?

Build your own platform, company, or business

Profits are simply a means to an end.

Nothing needs to get “done”.

I still think there is a robust future ahead of us in terms of websites, website technology, blogging, etc.

Amazon web services, WordPress, and open source websites.

Now let us address value:

On Value

What is “value”, and how does one create it?

First of all, consider … what do you value and desire?

For myself I value certain ideals like becoming stronger, one rep max at the gym, atlas lift, rack pull etc.

Therefore for me, to create value in the context of weight lifting is to create things which inspire or motivate others to also increase their one rep maxes in the gym and beyond. Sharing my videos of me doing it, my thoughts and theories etc.

Second — does it need to be physical, or is digital fine?

Creating value for the sake of what?

Valor, valere— having worth, pr ultimately being brave.

To me the “economy” is simply human activity. Thus to stimulate the economy or the movement of others is the #1 critical thing of value!

Takeaway point — anything which moves people is what has the ultimate value!


Turbo thoughts

  1. All of the money is just fake money. Just ones and zeros, and digital data. Therefore, do not use money is a metric for “success”.
  2. What is a more noble goal? Reckless and audacity in terms of creativity.
  3. Design is still the future: we buy it for the design, not anything else. Consider the great renaissance of Hyundai Kia and Genesis, by going all in on disruptive design, they have totally changed the game.
  4. Currently here in Saigon, the growth and entrepreneurship here is phenomenal.
  5. Currently the city or space which interest me the most is Pan Am Penh Cambodia. While there are still lots of opportunities here in Vietnam, I believe there to be more opportunities in Phnom Penh.

Become the all black on black on black, murdered out Range Rover defender

It looks like currently speaking, people are going bananas on the murdered out, black on black on black, Matt black look for cars. But instead of just buying it, why not transform your body to look like it? Become more mean in medicine, more muscular, Less body fat.

Becoming more passionate

My personal life: thought; becoming more ambitious, and also, becoming more passionate.

Why is passion important, and what does it mean?

First and foremost, I believe passion to just be a burning desire for something. A burning desire to become a change what you wish to see manifested in the world, or the desire to create and propagate your passion to the rest of the world.

Two feet down

The first step: once you’ve put your heart to something, commit. 2 feet down, all in.

I believe this to be like a “one rep max philosophy to life”. The basic idea:

Once you’ve committed to something, go all in.

For example, HAPTIC ARMOR. My new insanely ambitious approach to fabrics, materials, new cloths.

Why do I care?

What you decide to care for and not care for, I don’t think there’s any real logic to it. Simply, you must commit to your heart.

How to know what you’re passionate about?

I think the problem in modern day life is that there is a social pressure what one should be passionate for and what one should NOT be passionate for.

However, the problem is that these tyrants try to superimpose their value structures upon us. What we must do is instead, turn our head and shoulder away, and blatantly ignore all of this nonsensory.

Commit to your passion

What I encourage is this: whatever you’re passionate about, commit to it, disregard modern-day notions of economic gain, or “productivity“. It doesn’t need to be productive, simply authentic.


Conquer the Unknown

HAPTIC ARMOR: Conquer the Unknown >

How to unlock and unleash your passion

  1. Spend some time thinking about what you’re passionate about, and with all of your might and mind, strive to strip away what society wants and expects of you.
  2. Beyond economics: Once again, disregard notions of material and financial gain. Passion is beyond money and numbers, commas and zeros.

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Think More?



The Will to Simplicity?

To mirror the thought of our best friend Nietzsche, the will to simplicity is a good one. In your design thinking and body, your life etc., strive to simplify.


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication >

Conquer it all!