How to Disrupt

Disruption is doing the things I am most passionate about. Why?

I have always been a disruptive person. I would disrupt the teacher, disrupt others when they are talking, etc.

Typically, this is seen as a bad thing. But as we all know in Silicon Valley, this is actually the desired end.

The difficult irony is typically speaking, in real life, being disruptive is frowned upon. Why? When we disrupt or or disruptive, we often think of it as negative detriment to our own authority.

Why disrupt?

I believe in order to innovate, you must disrupt. Disrupt the old way of doing things, the old way of thinking of things, etc.

For example, when I first pioneered the open source approach to photography; making my photos all available for full resolution, JPEG online for free. No stupid watermarks or “image protections”. This ended up actually benefiting me in the long run, as it allowed my images to propagate.

The reason why it was disruptive was all the other photographers out there started complaining, because I set a precedent; they saw that my innovation or my approach was positively detrimental to themselves.

What is that true? No. This only applies if you see the world in a zero sum aspect; my approach doesn’t change yours. Anyone who thinks it does is petty minded at best.

1. See yourself on the other side

I don’t know about you, but personally speaking, I hate having to pay anything for information, knowledge, e-books etc. Therefore my approach has been to make it free.

Also, I hate subscriptions. And should be taught I don’t think anyone really does. Therefore, in terms of the products you make sell etc., I am very anti-subscription model. I think there are more innovative ways or other ways to monetize effectively.

2. Don’t give a F

I think when you think too deeply or critically about things, you fall victim to “paralysis by analysis”. That is, thinking too much will harm you more than benefit you, because too much thinking means you don’t act.

I think the best way to approach innovation and disruption is a bricolage technique and approach; that is, nobody has any idea how something will result, unless you just try, attempt, and experiment.

As a consequence, perhaps the best strategy is,

Just fuck it — just try it out!

3. Aberrant thinking

What does it mean to “think different”?

The difficult thing is that the goal is to think differently, in the substantive and genuine and honest way. Not to simply go against the crowd for the sake of it, but to truly think and consider for yourself, is the same better, or a different better?

For example, I was very anti-Apple and iPhone etc. for much of my teenage and college years. I didn’t like the lemmings, the Apple fan boys.

However, when I did finally switch in my 20s, I actually did discover in fact, Apple was superior to Windows and PC, and iPhone and iOS was really truly superior to android by at least 1000 degrees.

Therefore, don’t be like those superficial individuals who try to distinguish themselves by being a strange, retro, or abstruse as possible. We want to be substantively different.

4. Travel and or live abroad

I believe one of the greatest benefits of traveling or going abroad is the fact that it disrupts your traditional way of approaching things. For example, when Cindy and I were in Daegu for a conference, the Airbnb we stayed blew my mind. And one of the funny innovations they had was they had a hand pump, which look like the typical hand soap pumps, but in fact, it ejected toothpaste!

This was so inspiring to me, because the thought about toothpaste, it is insanely wasteful. After you’re done with the tube, you have to throw away the whole thing. All that waste and packaging. While I do think that all of this hippie nonsense about “saving the planet” is superficial, one of the big benefits of a more “sustainable include approach is that it actually just makes your life easier. For example if you were just able to fill up a hand soap pump with toothpaste, and just use toothpaste that way, the benefit as you don’t have to buy toothpaste is often, and I also believe that the toothpaste industry is such a huge scam; it is insanely expensive, and is bad for the planet. Even Nassim Taleb has a suspicion against toothpaste— the bristle for brushing your teeth is natural, but adding additional chemicals into your mouth to offset all of this sugar and starch we consume, perhaps this is not necessary. As a result even I am starting to get suspicious against fluoride in toothpaste. Fortunately I do not consume any sugar and starches.

Another difference I have discovered here in Korea is the whole bathroom situation; essentially in tight quarters, the concept and idea is to have your showerhead connected to your sink faucet, saving space. As a consequence the whole bathroom is perpetually wet. Koreans use bathroom slippers to enter, and ultimately I think this is smart because it saves space, and also it is good when your kid wants to just hang out in the bathroom and shooting water all around the place with a showerhead.

The great thing with traveling and going to foreign places is because it helps you discover that there are 1 billion different ways to do different things. There is not one “standard“ way to do things. And as a consequence I find this extremely enlightening because you can simply pick and choose the approaches and things that you like, And filter it yourself.

Same thing in Asia, typically we Asian people sleep on the floor with thick futons. Instead of Americans are Westerners who’s sleep in beds with traditional bed frames.

I think ultimately this is good onto innovation and disruption because it teaches you:

There is not one “correct“ way to do anything.

Therefore as a consequence, your approach is unique and good.

5. Allow yourself to become more “Asperger‘s“, or “autistic“

A note; I think if I was put in the traditional K-12 education today, and I had some sort of mildly intelligent educated parents here in the states, I would definitely be classified somewhere “on the spectrum“, or diagnosed with some sort of fake thing like ADHD etc.

Certainly there is very very obvious forms of autism, especially when it affects children in terms of their morphology and their motor functional skills.

However, for a lot of other things, it is easy to put people into these pseudoscientific boxes, just because they think different, act different, and approach the world a little differently.

Even Elon Musk said he had some sort of Asperger’s or autism or some thing when he was on SNL. My personal thought is he probably isn’t, but, the intelligence of branding yourself like that is that allows you to get away with a lot of aberrant behavior.

I think in order to truly disrupt and be innovative, you gotta be a little bit crazy. Or, you disdain the same.

Even for myself, the people I much prefer interacting with our children, young children, teenagers, or even college kids. It seems that once people graduate college and get “real jobs“, they start to lose their child like curiosity and ingenuity.

Also, my personal favorite people to hang out with or a little bit socially different, in terms of how they think I can interact etc. To me this is much more inspirational than the traditional “normal“ person.

6. Call out BS

One of the greatest things and benefits of studying sociology is that it made me realize that so much of modern day life and sociology is a bunch of BS. Use your own inner BS detector well — refuse to follow BS traditions, or things you don’t believe in.

For example, one of the most inspiring things that I learned from Walter Isaacson‘s biography on Steve Jobs was how Steve Jobs refused to follow any sort of tradition, whether in the states or in Japan. Apparently there were periods that he refused to wear shoes, and will just walk around barefoot all day, and also refused to shower, saying that his fruitarian diet prevented him from smelling (he smelled).

I think currently speaking, Kanye West is like Steve Jobs 2.0 to me. This is why I am such a huge fan of Kanye, he simply thinks different, and does different. And it is his “unrealistic“ audacity is what inspires me.

7. So what now?

Become to change what you wish to see manifested in the world.

Also, as time goes on, become more reckless, more daring, and ignore others even more.

Or in my thinking, the time goes on become more crazy!



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Disrupt photography, art, creativity, travel and beyond:

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Disruptive thoughts

  1. Consume the beverages and things most local to the local environment. For example, maybe while you are in East Asia, like Korea, better to just drink Hadong Green Tea instead of coffee. However if you are in Vietnam or Southeast Asia, just buy and drink coffee from Vietnam.
  2. Cash thoughts: cashmere as one of the most underrated fabrics out there; for example I just made an experimental cashmere suit of armor, and it is actually very suitable currently in the hot and humid Korean summertime.
  3. Create your own desired future: rather than just purchasing things, buy the raw material, and make it yourself. If you don’t have the skills to actually make things, find somebody who does, share your vision with them and have them build and produce it. You are the designer, the idea concept person. Work with skilled artisans to produce your vision. HAPTIC ARMOR CONCEPT.
  4. Maybe our next car should either be a Hyundai, a Kia, or Genesis, doesn’t matter if gas, hybrid, or fully electric. My personal belief is currently speaking, Korea is at least 5000 times more disruptive and innovative than any other car company, even Tesla, in terms of car design.

Disruptive books

  1. Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson
  2. Invent and wander by Jeff Bezos. Lessons I’ve learned.
  3. THE LIFE OF OJ song by JAY Z— you still taking advances huh? me and my jiggas are taking real chances huh! Or any song about business and entrepreneurship by JAY Z — “I drop the label”. “World can’t hold me too much ambition it was still like this when I was still in the kitchen!”

Forward the disruption

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