Marketing Thoughts

The future of marketing: Why does marketing matter? We live in a capitalist society. Zen capitalism is my concept. My wonder— Can we live and thrive in a capitalist and consumerist world, in a meaningfully productive way? I think so. The simple: Subtract the superfluous, add the critical. For example, if you live in LA,… Continue reading Marketing Thoughts

Photo, Video, and the Future

Just spent the last two days in LA, at UCLA, and I’m feeling insanely inspired. Why? Some thoughts: The first observation that I have made is that it looks like media, entertainment, shows, cinema film vlogs, are the future. Why? Let us just look at all of the advertising and the new products; all of… Continue reading Photo, Video, and the Future


Something I’m thinking a lot about entrepreneurship: Why scale? Or in other words: Why is scaling up seen as desirable? And also– are there hidden downsides of having a really big scale? When it is better to be a mouse than an elephant Example from Nassim Taleb‘s “Antifragile” book: A mouse is less likely to… Continue reading Scale


There is no ultimate ‘truth’ — only varying degrees of “truthiness” (degrees of truth). The basic notion is this: The purpose of philosophy isn’t to discover an ultimate truth. The purpose of philosophy is to discover DEEPER LEVELS of truth, which I propose as “truthiness”. Personal truth Furthermore, it is a waste of time (vain… Continue reading Truthiness