A thought while getting hyped up with ERIC KIM OMAKASE COFFEE:

I want to do it all!


YouTube morning routine

How and why?

I think for myself, entrepreneurship is in my veins. It is my passion, my lust, my personal interest, that which I am the most passionate about.

I think this is the great glory and gratitude and joy of America, being born in America, etc. Essentially the gist is that in America, you could do anything, become anything, create anything, attempt anything.

In America the nuance is that success or “making it“ is not guaranteed or promised. In fact, in America, the only privilege you have is the freedom to attempt something, not to succeed.

How does this matter?

Several things to consider;

First, you are alive, and one day you will die.

Second, it seems that a lot of life is personal preferences, and also, you have the power to dictate a certain type of lifestyle approach.

For example, we all have certain preferences, and to some degree we can control where we want to live, what kind of work to do, what to spend money on, what not to spend our money on, etc.

I think the biggest thing in modern day times is in regards to media. The reason why I discourage any sort of consumption of watching of sports is that it is essentially prostituted athleticism.

Let us consider why we like to watch sports. Essentially what it is is we get a second hand adrenaline high from watching and consuming sports.

I think the best visual that I have is from battle Angel Alita, the manga comic, in which in this dystopic future, we can get a first hand, POV of other athletes fighting racing and doing other dangerous things. Essentially we literally put ourselves in the shoes of others.