How to Become More Creatively Confident

Some simple thoughts towards creative productivity:


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First of all, I think it is wise to be irrationally prideful of yourself, your artwork, what you do make and share. 

Why? Honestly speaking, there are no measures of what is “good“ or “bad“ art. Art is a social and sociological phenomenon in which notions of good and successful are predicated on the confidence in the marketing ability of the author. 

For example the genius of Picasso — his genius self marketing ability. 

No objective good or bad

A huge thing:

There is no such thing as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ art.

Honestly, all ‘successful’ art work is predicated on some sort of sociological phenomenon. 

Whether you become ‘successful’ or not is based on how well you can sell yourself, a bit of randomness and chance, your audacity and chutzpah, and also, how well connected you are.

Your network is your net worth (via some random UC Berkeley Undergraduate student, told by my friend Peter Phan)

Why boost your creative confidence?

Honestly, it seems that in order to creatively innovate, you must have a stubborn creative vision.

Note Steve Jobs— the only reason he was able to make Apple so phenomenally great is because of how stubborn he was. But now, after he died and Jony Ive left, Apple has lost her creative way. Why?

Apple no longer has a stubborn creative/design vision. Rather, she only cares to maximize profits and share-holder value.


Become insanely stubborn in regards to your creative vision.

You don’t need approval

Ars Beta is a great place to get honest feedback on your photos and art work, yet ultimately, what you gotta care for is this:

What do YOU think about your own art work?

First step:

Like your own art work.

Then the second step:

Share that art work (in which you like yourself) with others.

What holds us back?

Social media. The reason why I am anti social media is because it ‘crowd sources‘ and externalizes your self esteem.

True art work is not predicated on the value of dollars, followers, likes or comments. The true measure of worth in art:

How long will it and the legacy and memory of you last?

The best way as an artist:

Become an anti social extrovert.

How to care less

“I used to give a fuck, now I give a fuck less, what do I care about success, sucks, too much stress.” – JAY Z

After having gone viral (several times) etc, ultimately the takeaway:

It doesn’t really matter that much.

Also, after making $250,000 in crypto:

It doesn’t matter that much.

What is more important and critical? 

Your own personal creative thriving and blossoming.

New creative directions for yourself

Create your own gallery, your own creative online calorie, via your website. and install The future of artwork is digital, online, exhibit and publish and future your own work in your own self online. 

Simple thoughts include designing a website which your artwork and your photos can be featured as full resolution JPEG images, full screen, the full width of the screen. 

Produce yourself

Something I have learned about the entertainment business, Hollywood, LA, etc.: 

The real people who have power are the ones who are the producers. 

Not the actors, not even the directors. The producers. 

This is very interesting, because producers are smart, they are extremely low-key, and nobody knows who they are. But, this is their strength and privilege. Producers are intelligent enough to know that widespread fame is actually a bad thing; for example, if you were Brad Pitt, you can’t just walk around the block, or go to the gym and work out, without being harassed. Funny thought— could Brad Pitt just go to equinox and work out, without attracting insane amount of attention? 

Even myself, even though in someways I am an attention whore, I also like my privacy and being able to stay low-key. For example when I’m weightlifting at the gym, when I have too much attention drawn to me it actually disrupts my focus in a bad way. Apparently I went viral a few times when I was doing my atlas lift over seven plates. And now whenever I go to the gym, everyone stares at me and all, I kind of like it, but I also kind of don’t.

Even more recently, housesitting for a friend in Santa Monica, the last two weeks, I have been frequenting the golds gym in Venice Beach. Recently I attracted a lot of attention being able to atlas lift over eight plates, even this regular powerlifter at the gym who could easily deadlift over seven plates off the floor asked me with curiosity, “If you don’t mind me asking, what was the purpose of you lifting eight plates?” My thought:

In order to become stronger. 

Attention is fun and glamorized but if it gets in the way of your focus, it is bad. 

Why do you make photos?

Why do you make photos? Or why do you do … anything?

Once you get to the root of things and why you do them, how can you run out of motivation?


Conquer confidence

Conquer it all:

  1. Conquer street photography in Boston March 25th
  2. New- Conquer Creative Confidence Online May 5th
  3. Conquer Zen: HADONG SOUTH KOREA June 19-23rd

Confidence exercises

  1. Start vlogging. Just buy a GoPro mini, record in 1080p, 24fps, and vlog yourself on any thoughts you have in life! And just upload it to YouTube, your own blog, or start your own podcast at Why vlog yourself? It takes confidence to start ‘street vlogging‘, just walk around and have the confidence to vlog yourself talking to yourself.
  2. Whenever you see someone you like or are attracted to for any reason, start chatting with them and compliment them on why you find them so fascinating! Also, as a fun pro tip– ask them for their first and last name. There is no sweeter sound in the world than your own first and last name. Use your own first and last name as your own self branding mark!

Creativity exercises

  1. I talked with a guy at the Philz Coffee shop today, and he told me something amazing that South Park is able to produce a single show in only six days! This is impressive because a typical animation studio will take 6 to 9 months for a single episode! Therefore the simple take away is when it comes to your artwork, make it quickly, iterate quickly, and publish and promote it quickly and iteratively. Applied to your photography and art, just shoot extra small JPEG, and simply share and publish your things online to your own website, don’t think about it too much or over analyze it.
  2. Download Procreate on your iPhone or iPad, and start sketching your own images. The easiest and most fun way to do this is to just experiment and have fun like a child.
  3. Don’t take it too seriously, and when you create, do it in the spirit of fun.

Create more every day

Creative every day print editiondigital edition

Become the modern photographer

Think future. 

The best way to become a modern day photographer is to think digital, to think online, and also, to understand that the future of technology is on the Internet.

I also think what holds back a lot of people is that they are stuck in old analogies of the past, in the context of feeling like they need to become a successful artist through the traditional Parisian measures of success, which include having a solo exhibition gallery, selling expensive prints, publishing a solo book, a monograph, etc. But my personal thought is the future of photography and also the future of art is digital. Thinking online, google, Google images, making your artwork easily accessible, indexable by Google, and hopefully living forever.

One of my personal challenges being a website domain host is keeping an archive of my images on the Internet, which lasts. A big issue with a lot of things digital is that there is no longevity. Most websites come and go, and I think 80% of the links on the Internet are now broken. 

Think longevity. 

Do you want to be remembered, and if so, how long?

Our best friend Friedrich Nietzsche once said that the number one good on earth is longevity and durability. 

Personal question you must ask yourself is whether you care to be remembered or not. If you care to be remembered, perhaps it is a wise idea to structure your life in such a way which will allow that.

Conquer on! ERIC

That which does not destroy you only makes you stronger. – Nietzsche


Never run out of motivation: EK TURBO NEWS

If this sparked even one ounce of motivation, feel free to forward this to a friend! 

Other random stuff on my mind

The other day at golds gym Venice, I saw an orange Lamborghini Aventador, roadster, convertible droptop, and truth be told, I was shocked of how small and unimpressive it looked. For us car guys, once we have killed the notion of even desiring a Lamborghini, or thinking that it is impressive, then what?

Currently speaking, the car I am most fascinated by is either the Hyundai genesis G90, the Rolls-Royce killer, or even a matte black Hyundai sonata. 

I think currently speaking, the most impressive cars, and car designs are all coming out of Hyundai. 

Random Fitness stuff on my mind

Apparently I’ve been going viral a lot, even at golds gym fitness for lifting the legendary 330 pound dumbbells. I’ve been very interested in strongman styled weightlifting, and strength building. 

Other ideas which I am interested in include the farmers carry, atlas stones, lifting and throwing heavy rocks, suitcase walk, etc. Anything that has to do with lifting up heavy weights, standing, or walking. 


If you cannot tell, diet health and fitness has been a new passion of mine, actually, an old passion of mine, which stems all the way back in the day from when I was a fat 12 year old kid. Stay tuned for more of this kind of stuff. 

For fitness consulting, shoot me an email at Eric [at]

Creative assignments

I am starting a new photography project, I call it “stuck in traffic.” I’ve been driving a lot in LA lately, been spending a lot of time stuck in traffic at stoplights. I’ve been just keeping my Ricoh GR 3X digital camera in my front right pocket, and snapping photos from my driver seat car window whenever possible. This is actually been a very productive way to make more photos, I recommend it. 

Upload some of your urban street photography, or your urban landscape street photography, or your own stuck in traffic photos to

New things to research

Really into stone lifting.

The development of physical power, Arthur Saxon.

Text book of weight lifting by Arthur Saxon

Also, the worlds strongest man competitions

More to come on EK BLOG.