Why Think?

The summit of your ambition?

The summit of your grandeur, of your ambition, etc.?

Perhaps the most important thing to consider is the ambition of a single man. Or woman.

The question to consider is in regards to your ambition. What do you aspire towards, four, what is the summit and peak of your ambition?

Upon much studying, it seems that that an inch in Roman times, ambition was seen as a vice, a bad thing. Why? The shed of ambition was typically tied to political office, which meant that you were just go around in canvas for votes, and get people to Vote for you to gain office, to get elected, in order to gain more political influence and power.

In today’s world, in modern day America, which is essentially the new Roman Empire, what it seems that we aspire and strive towards is money, business, entrepreneurship, etc. Also military.

For example what do we think about the most “influential“ people on the planet, typically we quantify it with their net worth in US dollars. For example, the ultimate number of US dollars the person is worth, however many billions of dollars their “net worth“ is.

This is a funny measure because I remember as a kid, everyone wanted to become a millionaire. The notion of a billionaire wasn’t even a concert. I’m sure that actually within my lifetime, or maybe within Seneca‘s lifetime, he will witness the first ever individual trillionaire, maybe Elon Musk.

Ambitious for what?

Another big thing to consider is that in regards to ambition, what do you want to be ambitious towards and for?

For example, it seems that a lot of people are ambitious for money, homes and possessions etc. But when you no longer are interested in these things, then what?


Well or unwell?

Another thing that I have been superficially observing and studying about people is a simple binary; whether they are well or unwell.

Actually, I feel that is very rare that I actually ever meet or see people who actually look well. The only people I witness who look well include typically college student athletes, who are fit, and young. I am 35 years old, born in 1988; Actually don’t know anybody in my own personal target demographic who is healthy or looks healthy. Or even people a decade younger than me in their mid 20s. Or late 20s. Everybody looks bad; old, worn and torn.

What are the problems here?

I have some thoughts. First, maybe what is causing people to become so unwell is simple; over consumption of alcohol, marijuana, other weird drugs, too much media consumption, staying up late, not sleeping, partying, going to bars, nightclubs etc.

Why? I don’t think people really know what they want. It seems that the reason people engage in these behaviors is because they don’t want to face the fact that their life feels aimless.

Ultimately, what is it that you seek? This is the most critical question.

My personal ambitions

What are my personal ambitions?

For myself, I seek reader health, strength, wellness etc. This involves some sort of maximum pedestrian lifestyle in which I could potentially walk 50 miles a day, be outdoors all day, in the direct sun, etc. I almost think and consider that this is my noveau tech Spartan lifestyle.

Things which entertain you

As of late, I have been having insane amounts of fun enjoying the hilarity with ChatGPT, image GPT which is DALL-E 3, via the paid premium subscription of ChatGPT open AI app.

I have lots of ambitions with AI, so much ambition that I actually forked out the big bucks to get EricKim.ai — I think this might be the future.

Why AI?

If you have never played with it, I suggest make the $20 experiment; just download the official open AI ChatGPT app to your phone or iPad, and subscribe to the premium membership, an experiment with a new ChatGPT for and image GPT , DALL-E 3, which is only available in the premium version.

The great thing is that you could just subscribe to it, and then immediately go into your Apple settings tab, under billing and subscriptions, and immediately canceled which means that you will not be auto billed the next month, you will have full access for the full month. To experiment.

What I personally find the most fun fascinating is DALL-E 3– essentially you ask it to make an image of something, and it does.

What is actually the most fascinating about DALLE3 is that technically all the images that it makes, is not that it is just pulling results from Google images or whatever; technically all the images that it makes are carte Blanche
and from scratch. Some of the images that makes are both hilarious and insightful.


We all human!