Some fresh thoughts to get you going:

Apple Vision Pro? 

It’s weird when you really want to like something, and you try to force yourself to like it, but you cannot. This is my overall feeling towards the Apple Vision Pro; apparently the other day I learned that you cannot use Apple Vision Pro unless you have a prescription insert thing. This is a tragedy for people like myself who wear glasses; even oculus rift S was compatible to use with glasses on!

The demise of Apple?

I am probably the biggest Apple fanboy that I know, the biggest Steve Jobs fanboy. But even now, I have lost all passion and interest in essentially all of the products. Everything is so boring, same same, generic and played out. For example the other day my iPhone SE, the microphone got busted, and I went to the Apple in century city mall in LA, shout out to Jonathan Rosales — A++++ customer service from the technician Genius Bar– anyways, the microphone on my iPhone SE stopped working, and upon getting it inspected, Jonathan suggested that I just get a replacement iPhone SE for only $299 from the back.

It was a no-brainer. I busted out my credit card and gave him my old iPhone SE, with the broken microphone and also the messed up scratch screen, and I got a brand new iPhone SE, same configuration, and while I am glad that I have a working phone again, it all feels so lackluster and old and played out.

Lesson I got from my friend Todd Hata — you could just buy a refurbished iPhone mini directly on Amazon! This is what I should have done.

Or, you could buy a refurbished iPhone directly from the apple.com website, maybe it is a good idea to buy a refurbished iPhone Pro, with max one terabyte storage (1 TB) storage.

In fact, this is a device strategy that I’ve had, based on my IT background;

Best to buy a maxed out refurbished product, the most expensive maxed out refurbished old product and milk it until the end of time, rather than buy something brand new, bottom of the line or even middle of the line.

For example, maybe buying a maxed out iPhone pro refurbished on the Apple website with one terabyte of storage might be the most useful strategy.

Touch ID

Now that I’m super rich, something that is becoming a little bit more concerning to me is biometrics and data, security, two factor authentication etc.

For example, most of us now have text messaging to factor authentication enabled on our devices, but in theory, if somebody steals your phone and takes out your Sim card, technically they could access all of your financial and personal data.

To me, my only concern has to deal with my finances, nothing else. When people talk about getting your identity stolen or whatever, that doesn’t really concern me. The only thing which concerns me is getting my money stolen.

One of the good things about having an older iPhone with the thumbprint scanner is that I think it is actually more secure than Apple Face ID. There are funny stories that people 3-D printing out facial masks, and hacking into peoples phones, or even the joke is having somebody Apple face scan while they are sleeping or taking a nap or something.

Maybe for now, a thumbprint is the most secure thing. Even though the iPhone SE is not perfect, currently it may be the least bad iPhone out there. Either that or iPhone Mini.

90% Bitcoin, 10% Chainlink

Currently bitcoin is booming, it recently broke the 50,000, $51,000 a bitcoin barrier, which is always good news. Why? People get emotional about round numbers; this is why Apple prices the iPhone Pro at $999, rather than $1000 flat. it seems that we don’t like round numbers, we like it a little bit under or a little bit over.

For example, prices are significant one day go over the big hump.

Now that bitcoin is over 50,000, $51,000, it won’t be long until it goes back to $55,000 of bitcoin, $57,000 a bitcoin, $59,000 a bitcoin, $60,000 a bitcoin, and will soon and eventually break the $65,000 a bitcoin high watermark. Once it breaks that again, and it finally hit $70,000 a bitcoin, it is all just a pill from them. Then I don’t think we will balk any more at bitcoin being $100,000 a bitcoin, $150,000 a bitcoin, $200,000 a bitcoin, $300,000 a bitcoin, 400,000, 500,000, 1 million, 1.5 million, 3 million, 5 million, $10 million a bitcoin and beyond.

Therefore my simple strategy as of now is putting 90% of your crypto speculations into bitcoin, and other 10% into chainlink. Why chainlink? In the whole entire world of crypto, I think it might actually be the only interesting crypto technology platform or innovation there is. Everyone else is trying to become the next bitcoin, which seems like a poor strategy because honestly, there will never be another bitcoin.

The only issue with bitcoin is that it is too slow to transfer things. However a great innovation is the bitcoin lightning network, endorsed by Jack Dorsey and block.xyz.  this is also the same company that owns the square platform, cash app, and I suppose now tidal.

A just government and Republic? 

A republic is just a chimera — Galiani on Money

I feel that the most interesting book I’ve read of all time in anything regards to money or economics is Galiani ON MONEY. One of the Takeaway points is that at the end of the day, the most prosperous nation is the nation with the most just government and liberty — currently on the planet that is America, the United States of America.

Also, Galiani,  I think you wrote this book 400 years ago, talk a little bit about America, the Americans, the Quakers Boston and Pennsylvania how they only used paper money because America only traded with Britain at the time. Galiani said this was good because Quakers are trustworthy and kept their word.

Fitness and beyond

Titan.fitness — it is pretty amazing that you could buy a squat rack, which is good up to 2000 pounds, for only about $350 on the Titan.fitness website. 

I think 99% the difficulty that people have about getting fit is that going to the gym is too much of a hassle. For example, having to drive there, be stuck in traffic, stuck in a car, having to find parking, having to enter, Worry about people stealing your stuff, or having to wait for your favorite squat rack. The best strategy is to just build your own home gym; you could just leave it inside your house or apartment, keep it in your front lawn or back lawn, or even your parking spot.

For example, a great innovation I’ve discovered is this Titan.fitness “independent squat stand” which I could just move around as I please. This is very useful because I have two parking spots, one is where I park my Prius, the other is where I leave my squat rack. But if for some reason somebody wants to spend the night or keep their car parked in my second parking spot, I could just easily move the squat stand!

Buy more bone marrow, not devices.