There is no ultimate ‘truth’ — only varying degrees of “truthiness” (degrees of truth).

The basic notion is this:

The purpose of philosophy isn’t to discover an ultimate truth. The purpose of philosophy is to discover DEEPER LEVELS of truth, which I propose as “truthiness”.

Personal truth

Furthermore, it is a waste of time (vain effort) to strive to fully-understand the truth of others, society, etc. It seems the most practical use of our energy is to best understand ourselves. To understand our our personal ambitions, bias — to empower ourselves to strive for more!

Know yourself (deeper)

The Latin phrase: “Temet nosce” (know yourself) seems to be a very wise saying. I propose something more:

Strive to know yourself deeper.

In other words:

Strive to gain a deeper knowledge of ‘truthiness’ about yourself.

Furthermore– once you gain deeper self-knowledge, use it as a form of empowerment. To know yourself, to not desire to be any different. To know that your greatest virtues might be interpreted by others as your greatest vices.

BE BOLD, BRAZEN, and unabashedly you!



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