So a really really cool thing that I got and downloaded for Seneca, currently him at three years old, one months old… This came and physics app called “Poly Bridge 2“.

first, it is super cool because there is the sandbox mode, which he loves, and I also find pretty incredible. 

Essentially it is a physics simulator; and it is real. For myself, I have very very fond memories of discovering this game as a child, I think initially on Windows 95, on my first Acer aspire computer which was called I think “the incredible machine”.

Anyways, what I find so fun in the sandbox mode is that you have unlimited money, unlimited resources, an unlimited budget, and the whole joy of the game is just doing these physics experiments, to see what will happen!

Real life is also just physics experiments? 

Surprisingly, my most memorable and favorite class of all time in high school, I will still never forget it… Was my honors physics class. It was probably the most difficult, mathematically arduous class I’ve ever taken, because it was honors class, I think I might’ve gotten a B or B minus in the class, which still counts as a “A”–

Also pro tip strategy for any highschoolers out there; it is better to take all AP honors classes, and get straight B’s, rather than getting straight A’s in normal classes. 

Anyways, I really really loved physics, and also my geometry class. Why? I found it very very useful to real life, tied to reality. Almost all other mathematics and science had zero relevance to me, my personal interests, etc. 

What is the big problem here?

I think the reason why Seneca loves the Poly Bridge 2 game constructor game,  is that it is tied in with real physics. It is everything that he loves; planes, bridges, physics, cars, elevations ramps etc. Even with his off the grid balancing bike, one of his favorite things to do is to go up steep ramps, and also up in cross bridges. Real life, real physics is the ultimate fun thing for a kid. 

Kid fun

I was born in 1988, and I suppose I grew up in the 90s. Something that got really really popular out of the sudden was rollerblading, in-line rollerblading, in-line skating, and I was really really good at it. I was insanely good at rollerblading, and I eventually got into what they call “aggressive in line skating”– imagine Tony Hawk or skateboarding but for rollerblades.

Anyways, it also tied into the fact that surprisingly, I am also insanely good at ice-skating, which is very uncommon, I am very happy and grateful that when I was a kid, my mom actually took me to go ice-skating a lot. As a consequence, I can get backwards, Skate backwards on my toes, do 360s, backwards, etc. I can essentially do a lot of stuff like Michelle Kwan.

Also, I’m actually really really good at skiing. Even as a young kid, Aussie able to do black diamond, double black diamond, no problem. I only backtrack when suddenly snowboarding got really cool, and I felt lame doing skiing, and I tried to switch. Worst decision of my life. The same thing goes with trying to get into skateboarding, it never really made sense to me, I can never really do an Ollie or anything. 

Think Physics

A quadrillion fold, the most important thing to consider with physics, thinking Aristotle, first principles thinking, etc.;

The first principles line of thinking — beyond basic social norms is this: “is it possible from a physics perspective? Is there anything about the rules of physics which prevents this from happening or becoming or manifesting as reality?

 The more I look and consider cyber truck, and the reason why I find it so insanely innovative is that it seems to defy all the rules of physics, but, it still works just fine.

Disrupt reality 

I’ve been seeing a lot more cyber trucks in reality, in the wild, and whenever I see it, the more I look at it, the more I see it, the more I love it!

The basic thinking and logic is that I really think it is the most innovative, most beautiful, greatest and the most grand creation I have ever witnessed in my whole life. I think it might be the only car I will ever consider purchasing, now that I am a bitcoin millionaire.

I think the reason why it is such a big deal is that it really disrupts reality. Think visually, we have been trained and indoctrinated, and accustomed to the fact that cars must be round, curved, whatever. I think this is why the Lamborghini Countach Was such a big deal  was it seemed to defy physics and reality. If anything the way I look at cyber truck is that it is a Lamborghini Countach on steroids. 

Buy cybertruck, not a loser Lamborghini 

Break necks

A phrase that get from my brother-in-law John Narciso, one of the head designers for black rhino, wheel pros, all the cool off roaring overland vehicles is this notion of “breaking necks.”

The general idea is when you have a car that is so hot sexy or whatever, people will break their neck turning around just to catch a glimpse of it. This is cybertruck. 

Reality applied

Even with weightlifting, one rep max weightlifting, etc.… My principal concern and interest was essentially, like a glorified physics experiment:

How much can a human body lift?

Certainly without steroids.

ERIC KIM breaks the Internet?

My 1000 pound Atlas lift, so thing I think which will be talked about for years:

  1. First, I do not take steroids. I don’t even consume protein powder or creatine!
  2. Second, I lift weights fasted, which means the only thing I consume before lifting weights or working out or whatever is black coffee, and water.
  3. I use no weightlifting belts, straps, or other accessories. Only chalk.
  4. I am 5‘11“ tall, with a more lean build; I got a six pack, maybe my body fat percentage is around 5%, and I also follow a 100% carnivore diet. I am not one of those fat steroid guys.

Anyways, at my old beloved crunch fitness gym in Garden Grove, I was able to successfully lift 1000 pounds, which is my beloved Texas power squat bar, with 10 plates, a 25, and I think a five and 2.5er on each side. 

The regimen was super simple:

Every week, just add 2.5 pounds to each side of the barbell. 

Super easy. A very simple straightforward “kaizen” approach. 

Back to physics

I think in the early days, they actually called sociology “social physics”. To me this is super interesting because it is true. For example, sidewalk politics, sidewalk confidence: when you’re walking on the sidewalk, there is a certain politicking which happens, whether people make eye contact or not, etc.

A simple suggestion:

You’re walking on the sidewalk in public, always give a head to people who stare at you, or throw up the peace sign.

More physics thinking 

Another very simple way to think about things is think body physics. For example, the position of sitting, in terms of pure physics, it is really bad for you. Your metabolism shuts down, your spine compresses, etc. In fact, I believe that the worst modern day melody is Trying to think that sitting is a virtue and a good thing.

Let us consider the Apex capitalist desire: to be seated, sitting down on your butt, in the Lamborghini or whatever. But once again, a true man is standing.

Never rate anybody successful, dominant or strong until you have seen them standing straight up. 

How to improve your posture

Probably my new favorite discovery and invention innovation is discovering this 60 pound weight fest that I purchased on

The reason why it is great is that actually, it has forced me to improve my posture. Because the weights are in the front and the back, it forces me to stain straight up. In fact, instead of all these silly people, “running”– I actually think it is a far more effective exercise to just wear the 60 pound weight vest and just walk around. Better for your muscles, heart rate or whatever etc.

Real life?

Certainly real life is not like a sandbox in the video game. You cannot build a bridge in 30 seconds, you cannot erect a skyscraper in a minute.

What is your control what is not in your control?

To me I think the most interesting and disruptive notion of bitcoin, and crypto is that it is like dematerialized digital property, assets, wealth and capital. I think as of right now, my best definition of bitcoin is digital capital. 

What is the best use of capital?

Certainly the first is for your own physiological greatness and grandeur. Any portion of your life and which you have to sit on your butt stuck in traffic, is patently bad. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the Rolls-Royce, a self driving Tesla, or even in a cybertruck. 

What is the secret to happiness, or living a happy life in LA?

Never spend more than five minutes driving a day in LA.

I can easily rate my overall physical health, happiness levels based on the amount I drive every single day. The days I never have to jump into my Prius, I am the happiest.

So what should I do?

 I think the best way to approach life is to just effort, just try it out, take the small financial risk or whatever, try it out, and figure it out as you go.

For example, I think now I’m living here in LA, Culver City for now five months… In the first two or three months, even now… Figuring out how to live a virtuous life here has been novel.

I think the slow transition from life in the suburbs to life in a cosmopolitan city has been tricky; I’m figuring it out good things and bad things, good strategies bad strategies on the way.

Difficulties and annoyances are good information

Typically when things annoy you, make you angry or whatever… Treated like good information. I think often the big problem we face is when we just let these annoyances grate us,  without actually doing anything to change it.

So a simple life strategy:

When something annoys you in life, use that information to switch things up!

I think the loser mentality of life is to keep sitting on your button and complain about things, without actually changing anything your physical reality.

How to think like a winner?

Destroyer versus creator