Pornography … pornos just means prostitute.

But if you create your own beautiful women in ChatGPT, DALL-E 3… then is it still porn? No.

Nothing wrong with porn morally or ethically … the bigger issue is online advertising and porn (weird stuff), and also … just issues with pirating porn (Pirate Bay and using torrents and VPN’s whatever). Just think —

How many Google engineers watch porn in secret, at home, at night … when nobody is home, when they turn on their private VPN?

Easy spot — open up their MacBook Pro, and see if they habe uTorrent or Transmission or whatever torrenting app on their Applications folder.

Anyways my simple idea:

If you need some sort of sexual stimuli or stimulus, just hit the gym and talk to the pretty ladies, or just join a hot yoga studio and chat with the pretty women there!

It doesn’t need to be sexual.

hot8yoga is good, even corepoweryoga

For images, just create your own beautiful hourglass shaped women on DALL-E 3, ChatGPT AI image generation tool!