Photography 101


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If you’re new to photography, start here:

  1. The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Mastering Photography
  2. Free Photography Bootcamp
  3. 100 Photography Tips for Beginners

Photography is Everything!

  1. In Praise of Shadows
  2. Photography Leisure
  4. Closer is Better
  6. Film Noir Compositions in Photography
  8. The Photographer as Story Teller
  9. Photograph Your Own History
  11. My Desire to Become the Uber-Photographer
  12. How to Become a More Creative Photographer
  14. My Higher Mission
  15. Photograph Human Affairs
  16. Why is Photography So Pleasurable?
  17. How to Shoot More Photos
  18. Why Do You Shoot Photos?
  19. Photo Zen Sublime
  20. Photo Wisdom
  21. How to Make a Digital Portfolio
  22. How to Master Photography
  23. Digital Photography 101
  24. My Photos
  25. Natural Photography
  26. Fit Your Photography Style to Your Personality Style, Not the Other Way Around
  27. 13 New Photography Assignment Ideas for You
  28. Photography Ideas
  29. Camera is God
  30. Put Your Hand In It!
  31. Even a Single Hair Casts Its Own Shadow
  33. Shoot More, Think Less.
  34. Why JPEG is Superior to RAW
  35. How to Have Inspiration and Motivation to Make New Photos
  36. Shoot the Sky
  37. The Art of Choosing Your Best Photos: How to Cull and Edit Down Your Portfolio
  38. The Art of Photography
  39. Never Stop Photographing
  40. Visual Kinesthesia
  41. Photography is Writing with Light
  42. In Praise of Shooting Intelligent Auto JPEG
  43. How I Mastered Photography
  45. Photography as Discovering Beauty in Unlikely Places
  46. What is the Secret of Making Great Photographs?
  47. Why Do You Do Photography?
  48. You’re an Artist.
  49. How to Edit Your Photos

Photography Tips

  2. 15 Tips How to Make More Interesting Photos
  3. 10 Tips How to Shoot More Photos Everyday
  4. 7 Tips How to Shoot Surreal Photos
  5. 10 Tips How to Fill the Frame in Photography
  6. Look Up! 16 Photography Composition Perspective Tips
  7. 10 Simple Black and White Photography Tips
  8. 10 Simple Black and White Photography Tips
  9. 5 Simple Street Photography Composition Tips
  10. 5 Simple Street Photography Composition Tips

Photography Articles

  1. How to Elevate Your Photography to the Next Level
  2. You’re (Already) a Photographer!
  3. 7 Tips How to Shoot More Photos
  4. Everything is Permitted in Photography!
  5. 20 Dark Tips How to Shoot Shadow Photos
  6. How to Give a Constructive Critique in Photography
  7. 15 Tips How to Shoot Better Selfies
  8. Photography is All a Matter of Perspective
  9. Photography Warmup Assignments
  10. 5 Simple Tips How to Take Better Pictures
  11. 10 Tips How to Shoot Better Architecture Photography
  12. 7 Reasons Why I Love Digital Medium-Format Photography
  13. My Experience Shooting Digital Medium Format in Street Photography
  14. My Experience Shooting my Friend Wedding on Digital Medium Format

Photography Techniques

  1. Photo Technique: Look Up
  2. Street Photography Technique: Overlap
  3. The Fishing Technique in Street Photography
  4. The “Bookend” Technique in Street Photography

Everyday Photography

RICOH GR II selfie in mirror, double eye surreal. Prague, 2017
  1. How to Shoot Better Night Photography
  2. How to Shoot Better Macro Photography
  3. Everyday Photography
  4. 10 Tips How to Take Better Photos of Everyday Life
  5. 15 Tips How to Shoot Better Selfies
  6. 10 Tips How to Take Better Photos of Everyday Life

Color Photography 101

Photography Philosophy

Photography Inspiration

The Fundamentals of Photography

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How to Create a Body of Work

Technical Photography Settings

Learn From the Masters of Photography

“He without a past has no future.”

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  1. Why Study the Masters of Photography?
  2. Great Female Master Photographers
  3. Cheat Sheet of the Masters of Photography
  4. 100 Lessons From the Masters of Street Photography
  5. Beginner’s Guide to the Masters of Street Photography
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The Masters of Photography

Prague, 1968. Josef Koudelka / Magnum Photos

Classics never die: