How to Live a More Meaningful Life

Dear friend,

If your life goal is to live a more meaningful life, here are some ideas.

## You make the meaning in your life

Meaning: I don’t think life has an ultimate meaning. I think we are put on this planet (against our own will, after all — we never asked our parents to give birth to us).

Therefore, **you must create the meaning in your life.**

## Control is everything.

To me, I’m excited by this idea that I can create the meaning of my own life. This means, I can pave my own path.

For me, **I have meaning in my life by empowering others.**

Therefore, the purpose of my life is simple. I do research and study empowering concepts and ideas, and my purpose is to communicate that to others.

## Why is photography useful?

In photography, the biggest purpose I have is this:

> Using photography as a tool of self-empowerment.

I even see street photography as walking meditation — a way to soothe and calm the soul.

## Meaning and purpose must be social

Personally, this is my philosophy:

> To find more meaning in your life, figure out how you can better help empower others.

Meaning: socially constructed. Therefore, to find meaning in life, it must somehow be social.

Philosophers strive their entire life for the pursuit of wisdom and truth, but ultimately to empower future generations of humanity.

Photographers make pictures to inspire their viewers, and future generations.

Artists wouldn’t have meaning in their lives if they didn’t have anyone to share their artwork with.

## Empower Yourself and others

Some practical ideas:

1. If you’re a photographer, consider — to find more meaning in your photography, how can you make photos that inspire, or change the thinking of your viewer?
2. How do you help empower others? Do you teach others, do you share your ideas, thoughts, and philosophies? Do you help young people or old people?
3. Write down your wins: if you’ve done something personally meaningful today, write it down, or at least mentally account for your wins.

## Empower others daily

What can you do today to empower others? Just do that everyday, and you will wake up everyday with zest, enthusiasm, and passion.