He or she who lasts the longest is the most “successful”.


How to last (long)

Thoughts on Lasting. Lasting Long

I was randomly playing some songs from Jay Z‘s album 4:44 in my head today, and some thoughts:

Will this song, and this album last, or not?

Probably not. Why?

Jay Z‘s 444 album was kind of a strange album, part apology album for Jay Z continually cheating on Beyoncé, and also, I think Jay Z just wanted to put out an album for the sake of putting out an album, maybe in order to make money, etc.

Why last?

Nietzsche once said that durability was one of the highest human goods, or things on planet earth. Durability.

Merino wool?

I used to be a huge proponent of merino, especially for traveling, living in hot and humid climates like living in Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. I still think that merino wool is phenomenal, for example the merino wool tshirt was insanely great (the ramie, ramielust t shirt is interesting to me for travel this summer to Korea and Vietnam). However, this is by far the biggest issue of merino wool:

It just doesn’t last.

For example, I have at least three or four merino wool T-shirts, which have essentially been torn to shreds, through over-wear and tear over the years. They are all just sitting in a drawer now.

This is a tricky thing, because, the thought:

Does durability matter, if, your goal is to have the most apex thing?

For example, let us say that you are traveling in the hot and humid climate for the summer, and you want the best possible T-shirt, or material to travel with. You can only bring one or two. Then certainly you will choose the best thing, which is 100% merino wool, in lieu of knowing that it may only last a year or two tops.

Maybe the same analogy with road bikes, or racing bicycles, let us assume that the chassis is 100% carbon fiber. If you are doing a race, and you need every last advantage, certainly having a chassis which is 100% carbon fiber is best, although it is more prone to breaking, and it will not last as long as an aluminum or steel chassis.

Having to replace things is just annoying

Are currently speaking, I have a conundrum; I love the record your digital cameras, however they keep breaking on me. For example, my Rico GR 3X, which I might have only bought a year or two ago, has already went kaput, it doesn’t even charge or turn on anymore.

Or, my previous Ricoh GRIII, which has this perpetual lens error issue.

I contacted Ricoh to send me a new one, however, they just told me to repair it. To send it in, and pay around $340 to fix it. I can’t be fucked doing this.

Therefore, trying to think long, I was thinking:

What is a camera that I could purchase, which I know will be reliable, durable, and will last a very long time, and also is very compact, which won’t break on me?

Retractable lenses are bad

First note from a design perspective; cameras which have retractable lenses, seem like a good idea because it makes the camera more compact and slim, but are horrible because it leads to more parts which will lead to breaking.

Thus, the best camera in the best lens is a lens which is non-retractable. This means all Ricoh GR cameras are out.

Leica camera is interesting, because at least, their cameras either have fixed lenses, like on their Leica Q series cameras, or, interchangeable lenses, like on their Leica M cameras.

However a big downside of this is that the cameras are insanely big and bulky. Don’t be fooled, the Leica M digital rangefinder camera is still a very big and bulky camera, not that much lighter than turning around a DSLR camera.

From a design perspective, the Leica Q camera is very cool, I reviewed the Leica Q2 a few years ago and I liked it, but the big issue with the Leica Q camera:

I can’t stop help thinking that it is just a really expensive Panasonic Lumix camera.

Also, the big issue with the Leica Q camera is that it is also like having a very very expensive iPhone. Why? Can you imagine as if you spent $6000 on a iPhone 6s, do you imagine that you’ll still be using it today?

Likewise, even if you have the newest Leica camera, Leica Q2 camera, I think the longevity on it will be quite poor.

Also, I am sure there is already a Leica Q3 in the works — just hold out.

Just buy what is newest?

From a longevity perspective, it seems that a good strategy is to just buy what is the newest. That is, which was released in the current year.

For example, as I voice dictate these words on my iPad Pro M1 chip, only buy a new digital camera which has been released in the year 2023, or within the last few months.

Also the same thing goes with devices, smartphones, iPhones, etc.


For example, the good thing of lagging behind, and being a late adopter is many-fold:

For example, let us say that you were an unfortunate purchaser of an early model Tesla model S, or Tesla model 3. Very quickly, your car got outdated. For example, to my understanding the touchscreens of the older Tesla model S cars are very slow, unresponsive and laggy. Or, to my understanding the brand new Tesla model 3 has a different type of battery, battery architecture from the older Tessa model 3 with the chrome trimmings.

Or, now that the all black everything aesthetic is becoming more mainstream, even the misfortune of owning an older Tesla car, with chrome trim instead of just simple black trim.

The difficult and tricky thing with purchasing a new car, electric car, or a Tesla car is this:

The battery technology in cars and electric cars is evolving so quickly, it seems on wise to actually purchased or on a brand new electric car, because within a year or two, or two or three years, it will probably already get outdated.

Or let us consider how everyone is excited and waiting for the cybertruck to come out. Once the cyber truck comes out, everyone will want to get rid of their Tesla model three cars, their Tesla model Y cars, they’re a Tesla model X cars, and their Tesla model S cars.

Or, when the Tesla roadster finally comes out, everyone will want to get rid of their Tesla model S plaid cars.

iPhone Pro?

The reason why it seems wise to always delay and lag in regards to buying a new phone or iPhone is this:

There will always be a new new iPhone.

For example, it seems that the iPhone 11 Pro, 12 Pro, 13 Pro, and 14 Pro has evolved very quickly. As I write these words, iPhone 14 Pro is already dated. I’m sure that the iPhone 15 Pro is already in the works.

As a consequence, imagine that you bought an iPhone 14 pro just a few months ago, imagine your extreme dismay and frustration when the new iPhone 15 pro comes out.

So in regards to phones, or iPhones, what is the best strategy?

What I have personally discovered is just buy the cheapest, newest iPhone. Currently speaking that is the iPhone SE. Even though I don’t really like it that much, at least it is cheap, and the processor is actually quite new, and I don’t feel like I am married to it.

Invest in the new

It seems that the best strategy is to just buy what is new, newest. Why?

First of all, technology moves so quickly. By buying or investing in what is new, typically speaking there is a higher likelihood of longevity. Even buying a technological thing, whether phone, tablet, laptop, car, electric car, Tesla, digital camera etc … even something first released 1 year ago, or 2 years ago is too old.

How to have you last?

In regards to “dedication”, what does this really mean?

My personal thought is only work on that what you truly care for, no compromise here. You must really really really really really insanely care for it.

For example, my insane passion for weightlifting, powerlifting, hypelifting, and innovation in health diet and fitness. Why do I care for this so much? Because, I think it is critical onto human thriving.

Don’t force yourself to do it

A clear distinction here is things that you think you “should“ do, and things that you must do.

For example, I think the reason why it is so hard for people to start exercising and working out, going to the gym is this:

They don’t want to.

For many people, it feels like this strange duty that one must do, rather than something that one wants to do.

Maybe the same thing is with blogging, vlogging, starting a YouTube channel, etc.; nobody should feel like they must do something against their own will, a lot of people think they “should“ do it, for marketing, business purposes etc. However, I say if your soul is not really into it, don’t even bother.

100% passion or nothing.

How I write

For myself, I only write about things which I am personally curious about, and things which I personally care for.

Perhaps the writer that I have been inspired by the most is Nassim Taleb. He has broken all “proper“ rules of writing, and as a consequence, his writing is fun, personal, lively, wise, deep and strong.

Ironically enough, I kind of make my living as a “writer“, even though I do not consider myself a writer. I consider myself more of a blogger, but even that is something I don’t really think of myself as. I just think of myself as a curious individual, and my passion is to just share my thoughts, and whatever mode or media which best suits for it.

The downside with iPhone photos, even iPhone pro photos

I think that the iPhone, iPhone pro is a very great photo creation device. However the massive downside:

I don’t think it makes photos which last.

Certainly you can make great photos with it, but for truly truly great photos, photos which will last the test of time … no. For myself, the only photos that I’ve shot which have lasted were on my RICOH GR camera, Ricoh GRII, my Ricoh GR three, my Ricoh GR3X, as well as my Leica M9 camera, and also my film cameras (Ricoh GR1s film camera, Contax T3 film camera, Leica M6 camera, and Leica MP film camera).

Should we just keep buying Ricoh GR cameras ad infinitum?

My insane annoyance with RICOH GR cameras is that they don’t seem to last for longer than a year or two. What should we do about this?

Long thinking

The reason why I love Jeff Bezos as an entrepreneur is that his personal vision and forecasting the future was phenomenal. And I think Jeff is one of those few entrepreneurs who was able to think at the 30-40 year level.

Why think Long? My thought is when you try to think at the 30 or 40 year level, you don’t muck around with the inconsequential.

There are certain facts:

  1. You are currently alive
  2. One day you will die

Then the question is, in between those two facts, what do you want to do with your life? Assuming that your body is the bow and arrow, how do you want to use your body as a tool, an instrument, or even a weapon?

Long photo thoughts

I believe it is the goal and aspiration of every photographer to create photos which last.


“Vita brevis, ars longa.” (Life is short, art is long — art will last a long time)

Your life is short, however, the artwork you create, however you define artwork, has a potential for lasting a very long time.

So, how can you make photos that will last a long time?

The first thought is design your life and your world and your existence in such a way which maximizes your opportunity and ability to make photos. The simple fact:

The more you travel, the more you go outside, the more adventures you go on, and the more time you click the shutter, the more likely you are to make some photos which last.

Happiness lasts

Another funny thought, photos that I’ve shot out of happiness and joy and exuberance have also lasted. Why? When I look at my photos which were shot during periods in which I was very happy, it re-instills in me that happiness.


Over-lasting is good.

A simple thought is not to just outlast others, but to “over-last”. For example, Nietzsche will easily be remembered for over 300 years. The same goes with Elon Musk. Also probably Kanye West. I think Jay Z will be forgotten. For example, nowadays young kids know who Kanye West is, nobody knows who Jay Z or Eminem is.

Thinking insanely long

Elon Musk — whether he succeeds are not in taking us to Mars, the attempt is great and interesting. Certainly he is already scheduled with Tesla, despite all of the naysayers. Why does everyone they say Tesla, and Elon Musk?

People feel small compared to him.

Even Peter Thiel once said that Elon Musk is a bad role model, because it is too difficult to emulate him.

Becoming more “crazy” or “Asperger’s?

There is one theory, sort of outlined by Peter Thiel in 0 to 1 in which he says,

Many successful entrepreneurs are successful, because they have some sort of low level of “Asperger’s”.

Or disregard for social norms.

For example, if you played by traditional social rules, better to just become an accountant, or consultant, or some sort of boring middle management, or executive. These people are never remembered.

Do you want to be remembered?

I believe it was Heraclitus who once said:

Men should seek the greatest human good, which is immortal glory and fame amongst mortals, yet the majority of men just stuff themselves like cattle.

A first critical thing you must ask yourself:

Do I even care to be remembered?


For myself, I can go both ways. If I am forgotten, no biggie, when you’re dead, and after you die, you cannot reap the benefits of your fame or notoriety.

However, what I am interested in, and what I do have an interest and passion is this:

To create things which are useful to my fellow human beings who are alive right now, and maybe, being a benefit and an asset and turbocharger to future humans. After I’m dead.

Why do I care for this? Maybe there is some sort of intrinsic altruism here, or maybe it is just from my Catholic Christian upbringing.

Simply put, my thought is this:

I just want to create and share information and knowledge which I wish I had access when I was a kid, when I was 12, 16, 18 years old, 21 years old, etc.

For example, things like

  1. How to transform my passion into a living, and whether this was even possible or not.
  2. How to become famous, get a lot of likes and favorites, make my photos famous, make myself famous, travel the world, be distinguished, have solo exhibitions, print my own photo books, etc.
  3. The limits of human physical strength. This is towards my powerlifting 2.0 idea.

Go Long

Think 30, 40, 50 years beyond. I think this is the best way to think long.



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