How To Transform Your Body Into a Cybertruck? 

Cybertruck Body?

A funny thought; ultimately, our bodies are supreme. But for us in our modern day capitalistic consumer society, we purchased vehicles which we believe to be an externalization of our own bodies and selves.

For example, why is it that you see so many middle-aged, or older men purchase muscle cars, Corvettes etc.? It is because they have lost their potency, their own real physiological muscle, and they convert their economic energy (money) into these cars.

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful

I suppose one of my great joys of living in Los Angeles is this idea of social theater and social performance.

What that means is this; if you live in Los Angeles, and walk around, essentially the way you walk, engage on the streets is assigned of who you are.

For example, when we think about fashion, in someways it is some sort of social armor; most people take the cowardly stance and just cover themselves up, limo tinted sunglasses, so nobody could see their eyeballs. Also, they plug up their ears with noise canceling headphones, another point of cowardice, the cover up their heads in their faces with baseball caps, another point of cowardice, and maybe where from close to hide the silhouette of their skinny fat bodies.

Stainless steel exoskeleton

An interesting thought I cleaned from Michael Saylor is that in superhero theory, the best super power is indestructibility. What that means is if your enemy could shoot to an atomic nuke at you, and it cannot kill you, in theory you could just walk around with a machine gun until everyone else dies.

I also suppose this was the appeal of Superman, not necessarily that he could fly, but that theory, he is indestructible. This is why they call him demand of steel; from a metallurgical sciences perspective, apparently steel is the apex metal.

Maybe now it is titanium, but for the most part titanium is too expensive.

Cybertruck goals

I love what cyber truck represents, I love Elon Musk and Tesla, the cyber truck is the baddest, best, most superior and supreme car on the road, may I say, car or automobile which has ever been created in all time.

First, it is practically indestructible. A car made out of stainless steel? You could probably take an AK-47 to it in the hood, people attack it with baseball bats or sledgehammers, and you and your family inside will be safe. I’m not sure what the crash safety ratings are yet, but in theory, I would feel very safe driving my most precious assets in the car inside, which is Cindy Seneca and theoretical other children.  

Second, the height. I think one of the greatest things about cyber truck is the height. First what is actually very interesting is that it is quite high up, but not that high. Not ridiculously high like some of these lifted trucks. In fact it in real life, it is quite impressive in size, but not too big. You could probably park it anywhere.

Third, the geometric shapes, the impossible angles. I think the reason why whenever you see a cybertruck on the road, the reason why it turns so many heads is that it seems to defy physics and reality. Typically in the past we have always thought that the cars were the most aerodynamic had curves, but in actuality, the most superior and the most supreme shapes are perfectly angular, pointed. 

Also a random point about cars, I think for the most part, we could think about feminine versus masculine aesthetics in cars.

For example, for guys who are into cars, they always like to talk about the “curves” of a car, likening it to a female body.  This is where the Porsche car becomes so bizarre and fascinating to me; on one hand, it seems to be a desirable body shape because it has curves that simulate a woman’s body, note that the Porsche Carrera in the car movie, was the girl/woman of the movie. Put on the other hand, it seems to be the prototypical signal or status simple of success for men in LA, to drive a Porsche 911. Not the Porsche 718, I say if you want a Porsche, either get the 911 or nothing. And none of the Porsche SUV cars, or the fake electric cars, they are all essentially fakes; rebranded Volkswagen Toureg cars, or rebranded Volkswagen ID Cars (apparently these cars suck). Volkswagen which produces Audi, Porsche, even Lamborghini… They really do not understand electric nor Hybrid. Let us also consider the whole diesel gate incident with Volkswagen; it seems that the Germans are good at doing is just taking the same old thing, and making a little better, kind of like the Japanese and the whole kaizen process. But the problem with the Germans is that they like radical innovation like their Americans; no way in hell a cyber truck been approved by the Volkswagen automotive group.

Truth be told whenever I go to Germany and Berlin; people feel a little bit stifled there, entrepreneurs hit an upper limit and upper ceiling. They would prefer to be in America instead. 

Even in Sweden, I’ve met a lot of entrepreneurs, but one thing I learned is apparently the tax structure there is too repressive, it makes it too difficult for sole proprietors and entrepreneurs to start off. 

Stainless steel

What is really fascinating about cyber truck is when you see it driving on the road, in full bright sun in Los Angeles. The way it refracts light  is really fascinating; it is really really shiny, but muted at the same time. Not like chrome which is too cheesy, stainless steel is a bit more matte, and subtle.

By the Culver City steps downtown, I actually met a dude who had a brand new cyber truck with the mat black rep street from the factory. It was cool, but I think I prefer the stainless steel;  from a Japanese craftsman aesthetic ideal; the materials must be honest. To wrap some things simply with a vinyl wrap is dishonest because the underlying nature of the material underneath is obscured. And also, the durability of even the best three vinyl car wrap is very poor; maybe three years tops. In theory with stainless steel, and the cyber truck, it will outlast you. 

The ultimate utility?

I like to troll Zillow for fun, looking at home prices, simply for fun and kicks. I don’t actually have any serious plans of purchasing any home for real.

I think a very funny thought is that in theory, cheaper and more efficient and effective to just live in your cyber truck, then purchase a home. It seems that the trunk is big enough.

 the only thing I can predict that might go bad is the battery overtime. But everything else should last practically forever.

Early adopter versus late adopter?

When is it useful to be an early adopter or a late adopter?

Well with bitcoin, or a lot of cryptocurrencies or crypto securities, having been an early adopter was a very good idea. For example, I still remember when I was in Vietnam in 2017, at one of my favorite coffee shops in Saigon; in the Japanese district, on zerohedge looking that bitcoin was $300 and $600 a bitcoin. Then I remember some funny headlines of a guy saying that he would eat his balls live on TV if bitcoin did not hit at least $1000 a bitcoin. 

I got into the game still pretty early, I think 2018, when bitcoin was still only about $6900 a bitcoin.

It’s never too late

People always be on the fact that it is too late to get into stuff; fitness, a new hobby, investing etc. But actually, today is always the best day.

For example, people now think that bitcoin is too expensive, they wish they bought it when it was cheaper. But then again, the people who bought it cheaper wish they bought it cheaper.

Health and fitness; not true. Even my 69-year-old mom started doing hard-core daily yoga with Cindy for a month, and she did it consistently every single day for 30 days straight, and it looks like my mom is not in the best shape of her life.

Also, I’m 36 years old, to my infamous thousand pound atlas lift at the age of 35; I feel like I was 100 times stronger at the age of 35, then even when I was in my mid 20s.

Apparently, when King Leonidas did his last stand against king xerxes and the Persians, he was in his 40s? 

There are also Spartan sayings, real Spartans sayings of Spartans with gray hair in their 60s, still putting on their helmet to go to war.