How to Become More Adventurous

One of my favorite things to do with Sen and myself in general, is this notion of “adventure time“. That is, anything that involves getting out of the house!

I first thing to consider is that the basic notion of adventure time is super simple; just getting your ass out of the house.

Why “adventure time“?

What is it that we desire? I think ultimately, we desire and hunger for more adventure, more escapades with danger, things to test or courage etc.

However, I think modern day life has us much more cowardly. That means, one is not permitted to be adventurous.

What is one permitted to do in modern day society? We are permitted to go to the mall and buy stuff, we are permitted to buy a new car, we are permitted to buy a house, and every once in a while we are permitted to go on vacation, or travel.

It seems that the closest thing that we got to adventure in modern day times is travel. Traveling to foreign places is the closest thing that we got to adventure. Why is this? What is an adventure anyways?

Adventure — “to arrive”. Advenio, toward + come.

I think in the general sense, adventure, towards what I think is to go towards something. Ad + venture (venture, to attempt).

“Venture” capitalist?

What is a VC, a venture capitalist? I think a venture capitalist is somebody who wants to go on some sort of metaphorical adventure, in terms of attempting to build something. If you think about it, being a venture capitalist is very very positive and optimistic. Why? It insinuates some sort of potentially very good outcome, that’s the right investment in the thing will yield a positive return!

Becoming more optimistic in life?

Currently speaking, I think America and the world is going through a weird time. There is no optimism.

For example, Joe Biden. Nobody likes Joe Biden. Not even liberal Democrats. I only voted for him because he wasn’t Donald Trump.

I am still very very confused how Joe Biden even got elected. Conspiracy theories aside, I think honestly 99.9% of people just voted for him because he wasn’t Donald Trump.

Maybe the reason why Donald Trump lost was because he caved in and also signed the stimulus bill. Maybe this was a sign of weakness?

The future

Some optimistic thoughts:

  1. Assuming that America continues to increase her debt ceiling, and also, as the US dollar inflation is getting out of control, I think there will be renewed interest in bitcoin and other crypto and crypto currencies. My personal target price for bitcoin currently in the interim is at least $100,000.
  2. At least one of the good things about TikTok is that it shows that there is still room for competition with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube etc. Also the future of video podcast, super easy to do with which is currently owned by Spotify.
  3. Time to go all in on Tesla: every single day, here in Southern California, I see more and more Tesla‘s on the road. It is simple; Tesla is the only electric car. All electric other cars suck. Also considering that California is going to soon been purchasing of gasoline cars in the future, everyone is going to go electric. also, consider the power of over the air updates on Tesla; as time goes on, Tesla cars will keep getting better and better. And also day by day, the Tesla super charging network continues to grow. Also, I think ultimately people want a Tesla because it is like owning the new iPhone. in fact the truth is owning a Tesla is actually more inconvenient than owning a gasoline or hybrid car, but people want a Tesla for the sexiness factor. Because objectively speaking, I personally believe the ride quality in the Tesla model three to be very poor, and even though the minimalism of the interior is beautiful and sublime, the quality of the materials actually feel very cheap. I went to a Lexus experience center recently, and I was shocked; the materials in the Lexus feel at least 1000 times or 10,000 times better than any Tesla car, even when compared to the Tesla model S and Tesla model X plaid.
  4. Travel. Go to Mexico City, go to Roma Norte. Go to Phnom Penh Cambodia. Go to Hanoi Vietnam or Saigon Vietnam. Go to South Korea. Go to Seoul, and stop by and say hi to my mom in Hadong.
  5. Have a kid, at least one. The funny millennial trend is towards not having kids, but owning cats or dogs instead. Why this trend? My personal theory is that people see kids, having a kid as a net negative on their life and happiness; they are afraid that having a kid will limit their freedom, ability to travel, eat good food, etc. Yet having a kid can be by far the most optimistic thing you can do. Why? having a kid is naturally optimistic; every single day they continue to grow physically and mentally, and they learn new abilities and tricks. For example, Seneca is currently only two years and three months old, and he is a genius. He already knows how to make beats on the iPhone, iPad, GarageBand on the laptop as well. And he knows how to do computer programming with swift playgrounds on the iPad and even on the laptop. I think a simple life goal, assuming that you are a man, is to have at least one boy. Then after that, all the additional kids are just upside.
  6. The optimism of the gym and weightlifting. I personally believe that the upside of Jim, gym culture and gym life is that you see steady improvement and gains in the gym. For example, assuming that you go to the gym every single day, can you lift very very heavy, one rep max style, you will continue to see your muscles grow, and also your testosterone self-esteem etc. to go up. Also, assuming that you go to the gym at least once a day, even twice a day; you’re going to make new friends. And I think there is something very positive about being around other human beings, both men and women, both male and female. why? When you witness a beautiful woman, I think this increases your testosterone. Also, I think if you see other muscular men lifting heavy weights, this also increases your testosterone. Also the extreme joy of just chatting with strangers at the gym, making new friends. at worst, you can always just go to the gym and take a nap in the hot sauna, it is very rejuvenating and restorative. Also, just sign up for a local yoga membership, at a local yoga studio, whether it be CorePower or raw yoga, etc. I think being in a hot steamy and sweaty room with other human beings with hormones in the air is somehow good for us.

Adventure with EK

  1. Tomorrow is the last day for the early bird cutoff price for the all-new DOWNTOWN LA CONQUER YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY AND LIFE WORKSHOP
  2. If you desire to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, join me in Saigon Vietnam this summer


The gym as an adventure

My personal theory behind weightlifting and the gym;

It is only fun and worthwhile yes there is a great deal of risk, danger, and courage required.

For example my insane 940 pound atlas lift. 99.99999% of the population has never even seen over nine plates on a bar. For reference, that is nine 45 pound plates, a 35, a clip, and an additional 2.5 pounder clipped on the barbell.

Once I hit over 1000 pounds, I’ll have a little celebration. Then continue onto 1200 pounds.

I personally believe that physical danger, physical courage is the only real type of courage. Sure, we can be metaphorically courageous in regards to our thoughts, beliefs, freedom of speech etc., but I think when it comes down to it, you cannot fake physical courage at the gym.

Also the nice thought is that ultimately, it doesn’t even matter whether you can successfully lift it or not. To me, if you even have the courage and the hype and the self-confidence and the audacious insanity to even attempt it, you are a hero.

Street Photography is an adventure

Even with Street Photography, the reason why I find it so insanely fascinating is because of the fact that it requires insane amounts of courage. I truly believe that street photography is 99.99% courage.

Also, with street photography, it is like an adventure. To travel to foreign places is an adventure. Also, to put yourself in situations which require courage is also an adventure.

There is no end limit to photography and street photography, given that you will continue to travel intermittently for the rest of your life.

Exercises and assignments to make you more courageous?

How does one become more courageous, more daring, and also more adventurous?

Some simple thoughts and assignments.

First, if you see somebody that you’re interested in for one reason or another, attempt to make small talk with them.

Another thought, go to the gym at least once a day.

Also, travel somewhere. It doesn’t even have to be far. Just something or somewhere which is outside your own sphere.

Even going on a cruise is an adventure!

Now what?

A simple thought to life; when in doubt, choose adventure!



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Adventure movies?

There seems to be a while since there has been a good adventure movie, like Lord of the rings. I like the notion of adventure movies because life is an adventure. Or think about the original Star Wars.

I like the idea that your life could be like a real life adventure movie. That means, think of yourself like the protagonist.

Certainly real life is like not like a movie but, we can technically we can try to think of it like it.

For example if you were Frodo, would you just stay inside your hole and your hobbit hole? Or if you were Luke Skywalker, would you simply stay on Tatooine?

Hero yourself!

Hero Books?

The original book of Enkidu. Or, the Iliad. Or the odyssey by homer.

Now what?

Create your own heroic future for yourself!

Forward the power!

If this gave you even one good or motivational part, feel free to forward this to a friend or family member!



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