How to Be a Visionary?

The notion of “visionary“, comes from the notion of vision. That is, what is your creative vision, your life vision, your art vision, or your idealized vision of the world?

First, I think we need to deposit some ideals. The weird modern-day notion is that it is not considered virtuous to be idealistic. I consider this thing, because when all the kid growing up, it was all about idealism optimism, happiness and joy, changing the world, and everything was much more carefree. Think about all the fun Eddie Murphy movies, Robin Williams, etc. What they make a flubber in today’s world? Or even a rush-hour movie?

Things you really care for?

My open source vision, open source photography, the true game changer. The one that up ended all of these Anemic photo book publishers, honestly 99.99% of photo books on education all are weak. ERIC KIM totally disrupted the photography information market. And this legacy shall outlast me.

What is the etymology of legacy?

I shall make a monument more lasting than bronze!

I think one of the greatest and most noble thoughts uttered by Horace the ancient Roman poet was his idea that he would make artwork more lasting than bronze!

My funny life ambition is I want to have an army of children, all named after my favorite philosophers poets thinkers and innovators.

The reason why I think Elon Musk is so great is that nobody will ever forget who he is, his legacy, or his creations. SpaceX, Tesla, maybe even will outlive him. I still think it is so freaking genius that he purchased… The most beautifully sublime domain name of all time. In fact, I believe for innovation, the future is still Internet, the Web, the World Wide Web, as well as the Internet, Internet domain names etc. In fact I am currently on the rampage buying out domain names, hungry and eager to colonize the web.

Why be a visionary?

I suppose the very pragmatic thought is why be a visionary?
First, I think life is just more fun and interesting. Whether you are right or wrong, successful or not, rich or poor, whatever… It all don’t matter.

The human element.

let us never forget that at the end of the day, it all comes down to the human element. The point ain’t to create things for the point of making them, but… The point and purpose is for the sake of others, other human beings etc.

Insanely epic and grand structures?

Amazon goals

The funny thing with Amazon is that everyone loves to hate on Amazon and critique it, yet everybody I know has an Amazon prime subscription. The simple heuristic:

One should not be permitted to criticize or critique something if one has an active subscription to it.

For example, all of this yada yada yada about workers being taken advantage of, these poor Amazon delivery workers are these poor Amazon supply workers etc. Yet if you really care, you would have skin in the game and actually cancel your Amazon prime subscription. Rather than keeping your Amazon prime subscription and just criticizing it.

Why does everyone hate on Jeff Bezos?

Actually in terms of innovators I think one of the most underrated innovators is Jeff Bezos. Why? His insanely grand vision, how he got so swollen, and also, he has real balls and skin of the game.

What actually made me win his respect, and gain his respect was the fact that when he got caught red-handed cheating on his wife, with that Newporter reporter, what happened was he publicly wrote a medium blog post article outlining the blackmail and sabotage, including all of the juicy details. This is a true man, a true Mench.


how to have more visionary thoughts?

A very simple suggestion I have is this:

Tried to walk at least 50 miles a day.

The more you share the wealth, the wealthier you will become