Hippies 2.0

I have a realization: all of these new weird modern trends, they are just like the noveau hippies.

What does this mean? For example, anyone who is too into craft beer, spirits and alcohol, marijuana, drugs, EDM electronic dance music, concerts and festivals, dogs, Japan, flannel and vintage clothing, “culture”, sunglasses and facial hair, designer things etc.

Or when people take coffee snobbery to the next level, or people who are too into analogue/analog, anti digital, the strange romanticism of the past. Also spending too much time on their iPhone or iPhone Pro.

Also, too much media consumption, inability to meet eye contact in real life, to make small talk, to interact or engage with others, or lift weights.

Also this strange trend towards “plant-based” diets, vegetarianism and veganism, and juice.

My solution

  1. 100% carnivore diet, beef and lamb, beef large intestine, beef tendon, tongue, beef liver, beef heart. Bone marrow, lamb leg and steak and ribs.
  2. Lifting insanely heavy weights. True manly lifts.
  3. Maximum time outdoors and in the direct sun.
  4. No cars.