Something which happened about a year ago —

No more glocks


The story

Long story short, some idiot brings his gun to my sister’s wedding, leaves it inside the holster in his backpack in the guest checking room, some random lady at the party who steals a bunch of stuff inside the guest checking room discovers the gun, hides it under my backpack on top of my son’s car seat, and flees the scene.

Simple morales to the story

First and foremost, if you are a registered gun owner, have a conceal and carry license, etc., don’t bring your gun to a wedding. Or any big event or family gathering, where no potential danger is eminent.

Second, if you’re going to get married, or even go to a wedding, etc., kindly ask the host whether the space is a “gun free zone.” Also, if you’re going to plan a wedding, tell your guests that this is a gun free wedding, or a gun free zone, and not to bring your firearms.

Discovering the Glock pistol

A Glock 9 mm compact pistol, which doesn’t have a real safety switch. I believe it was a Glock, which I discovered on top of my son’s car seat.

Essentially unbeknownst to us, during the wedding, a lady named Ruby, a “friend“ of the grooms mom was invited to the wedding, and the lady has some serious mental issues. I think she was drunk and high off Xanax at the wedding, and during the wedding she actually went to the guest check in bedroom, and rummaged through everyone’s stuff, stole a bunch of phones and cash, stole all of the credit cards and cash out of my wallet, and fled the scene. Apparently she also discovered Joseph’s gun (Joseph is the name of the fucking idiot who brought his gun to the wedding) in Joseph’s backpack, which was left unattended in the guest checking room, which contained his Glock pistol inside a holster. Ruby was able to successfully, even when drunk and high, take the Glock pistol out of the holster, and somehow hide it in between my backpack and my sons car seat.

I was curious about this, whether the Glock had a safety switch. It does not. It has a “fake“ safety switch, which essentially prevents it from accidentally discharging when in your pocket or in a backpack.

The bigger ethical issue at hand

Ultimately, I think trying to ascribe “fault” or “blame in the situation is vain and empty. Instead, what is actually a far more critical is to address bigger issues at hand:

Should one be ethically allowed to bring a conceal and carry weapon, a pistol to a wedding party, without anyone else knowing it?

For myself, I have no issue with people owning guns, and I’m also not anti-gun ownership or anti-guns. I’m a Boy Scout Eagle Scout, and I was able to successfully get my rifle and shotgun merit badge, in the same summer, so I know how to properly handle guns. Also truth be told, gun ownership is baked into America’s constitution and law, which means that guns will never go away in America.

For myself personally, I just want to be as far away from people, who have conceal and carried weapons or pistols on them. I have no issue with them owning them, I just don’t want to be around her physically. In the same room, or even the same area.

Takeaway thoughts

Therefore some ideas:

  1. Put up signage saying that you are entering a gun free zone. You’re not permitted to bring your gun, or your conceal and carry gun on these premises.
  2. If you’re going to get married, and you send out an invite, in the mail or email, say that this is a gun free wedding, please leave your firearms at home.
  3. When insane situations arise, just open your iPhone and call 911. Better to report things, suspicious activity, even if there is a .01% chance that it might be fatal or dangerous, than not to. We must prevent another sandy hook.
  4. Let us say that you are in a situation, in which potential gun violence can happen. Better to just inform all of the guests, call off the event and the wedding, even at the risk of spoiling your sister’s wedding. For example, my personal regret is after discovering the gun, what I should have done was first call the cops, and then inform all the guests that I discovered a gun in the guest bedroom, and I should’ve called off the wedding.
  5. Don’t go to Walmart, or shop at places like dollar tree, or go to places which might have people who have a higher precedents for people carrying firearms. Superficially I have discovered that most people who brandish firearms tend to be lower socioeconomic status. Don’t hang out in bad neighborhoods, or even fill up your gas in dangerous neighborhoods. Perhaps this is a plus one for owning a Tesla or electric car.
  6. Whenever you discover a firearm, unattended, just call 911 and call the cops and report it.