Nietzsche once commented; what is it that woman knows about cooking, in the context of men?

Is there a preferential difference between male consumption habits and food preferences versus female consumption habits and food preferences?

First, I think there is. Let us assume there is a vast hormonal difference between men and women. First, let us note that testosterone, testes, is the hormone inside of testicles, that which only man has. However, it does seem that both men and women both have testosterone, however the degree is different; it seems that men have at least 1000 X testosterone than women. This is why we will never see any woman on planet earth, irregardless of how many steroids she consumes or takes, dead lift 501 kg or beyond.

Also in the context of sports and fighting. If you took the worlds best tennis player, mail, Roger Federer, and pitted him against the worlds best female tennis player, Serena Williams, who would win and into what degree? It seems pretty obvious that Roger Federer would win, and most likely by a large margin. Similarly speaking, if you took the world greatest boxer or UFC MMA fighter, man, and pitted him against the worlds toughest female boxer or MMA fighter, who would win, no contest. Obviously the man.

Why does this matter?

The reason why I think this matters is that in a lot of the modern day world, it seems that the general bias is that women should cook for men. But what if it should be opposite; that instead, man is in focus of cooking, because he will ultimately have a greater taste for meat.

Carnivore preferences for men vs women?

Both men and women both love meat. However, assuming that meat, cholesterol, organ meat is a natural steroid, it seems that man would have a greater preference for it, and could also consume more of it.

For example, after Atlas lifting 1000 pounds, do I want to eat rice and quinoa? Hell no! I want the juiciest, bloodiest, reddest meat.


*peh2– traditionally the concept means to graze, to guard. For example, imagine a Shepherd letting his cattle graze on the nice grassy fields.