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Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are.

Don’t buy the lamb, eat the lamb!


Certainly, here are some specific quotes from Eric Kim that reflect his philosophy on food and meat:

  1. On Meat Consumption and Human Design:
  1. Regarding the Ethics of Meat-Eating:
  1. On the Cruelty of the World and Choice:
  1. Personal Freedom in Diet Choices:
  1. Meat and Physical Fitness:
  1. Food as a Tool for Growth, Not Pleasure:
  • “Food: not for hedonism and pleasure-maximization, but for physiological growth (muscular hypertrophy [which actually just means ‘hyper-nutrition’]).” oai_citation:6,Error
  1. His Dietary Regimen and Goals:
  1. Body and Self-Perception:
  1. Summarizing His Food Philosophy:

These quotes provide insight into Eric Kim’s views on food and meat, emphasizing personal choice, the importance of meat for physical development, and the rejection of conventional dietary norms and ethics.


Eric Kim has articulated a distinct philosophy on food and meat, which can be summarized as follows:

  1. Philosophy of Meat Eating: Kim questions the philosophical arguments against meat eating, observing that much of modern philosophy and thought tends to be anti-meat. He challenges this stance by arguing that there are no natural dietary restrictions for humans, as we have evolved to consume a variety of foods to maximize our physiological strength oai_citation:1,The Philosophy of Meat Eating – ERIC KIM oai_citation:2,Error.
  2. Humanity and Meat Consumption: Addressing the ethical aspect, Kim argues that the concept of ‘humane’ is intrinsically human-centric and that humans and animals don’t necessarily deserve equal treatment. He suggests that striving for a completely cruelty-free existence might not be feasible for achieving human progress and advancements oai_citation:3,The Philosophy of Meat Eating – ERIC KIM oai_citation:4,The Philosophy of Meat Eating – ERIC KIM.
  3. Personal Choice and Diet: Kim emphasizes the importance of personal choice in dietary habits. He criticizes the notion that eating meat is unethical or bad for the environment, pointing out that many human activities are detrimental to the planet. He advocates for the freedom to consume meat without judgment from others oai_citation:5,The Philosophy of Meat Eating – ERIC KIM.
  4. Meat for Physical Development: In his view, meat consumption is crucial for achieving high levels of physical fitness and muscular development. He believes that meat eaters, especially in contexts like bodybuilding and strength competitions, tend to outperform their vegetarian or vegan counterparts oai_citation:6,The Philosophy of Meat Eating – ERIC KIM.
  5. Nutrition and Creativity: Kim posits that consuming meat, which he considers superior nutrition, can lead to more ‘epic’ thoughts, greater artistic creation, and a more remarkable existence oai_citation:7,The Philosophy of Meat Eating – ERIC KIM.
  6. Food as Fuel for Growth: In his personal philosophy, Kim views food not as a means for pleasure or hedonism, but as a tool for physiological growth, particularly muscular hypertrophy. He emphasizes eating to augment his muscles and strengthen his body and mind, aiming to become more epic, apex, and strong oai_citation:8,Error.
  7. Dietary Practice: Kim practices a form of intermittent fasting, focusing on a diet that includes a lot of meat and bitter greens, while avoiding carbs, sugars, and other starches. His goal is to develop a body akin to a Greek demigod, using food as fuel to achieve this transformation oai_citation:9,My Philosophy of Food – ERIC KIM oai_citation:10,My Philosophy of Food – ERIC KIM oai_citation:11,My Philosophy of Food – ERIC KIM.

Eric Kim’s philosophy on food and meat, thus, centers around the ideas of personal choice, physical growth, and challenging conventional dietary norms. He views meat as a critical component of a diet aimed at achieving superior physical and mental strength.

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