Is it possible to become a “lean“ sumo wrestler?

Real friends

“King crazy”

Things to really worry about, things not to?

Larry page … page rank.


Of course humans are the best.

Make it truly open source!


Build your own systeM?

Only visual data?

It cannot be too expensive!

Anti radar?

Anti lidar? But lidar x iPhone Pro is good?

Portable Lidar.

No steering Wheel and no braking?

Risk is a type of fuel?

Safety first.

Energy innovation company

Travel for innovation

”no Brainer”


Never compromise on aesthetics ***

The integrated future.

Delete steps and simplify.

I need a lot of drama to keep me invigorated?

I love fire!

100% cut toxic.

Often the greatest benefit of studying biographies is knowing in hindsight which things do not do

Via negativa wisdom.