Some issues:

It seems that the big “bad guys“ are actually the big corporations like Apple, which produces iPhones in mainland China, Foxconn— and also maybe Amazon, which it seems that nowadays, 99% of the products come from mainland China.

Google… are they in mainland China? Not 100% sure, but it seems that certainly they want to be.

The new oligarchs

Facebook, meta, Mark Zuckerberg I think also wants to penetrate and get into mainland China. Let us consider that Mark Zuckerberg‘s wife is Chinese American, and also Mark studied Mandarin.

Even a lot of silken Valley tech, Andresen Horowitz, a lot of people on the board of directors are either from mainland China, 1.5 generation Chinese, in between mainland China and America etc.


America is funny because on one hand, we are by far the strongest military on the planet, at least 1000 extra stronger than mainland China. What, I think we have at least 1000 military bases all around the world, in China only has one? Somewhere in Africa?

What China, mainland China has going for it is production. It seems the swap is this:

America says: Let us produce and manufacture all of these things and goods and consumers items in mainland China, we will let you pollute your own land, then we will import it and sell it in America, and we will enjoy your products, your cheap wages, and we will also enjoy our unpolluted environment.

China goes:

OK sounds good. We don’t really care about the environment that much anyways, as long as some of us could get rich, and some of our people can also become richer.

Give me a full list of what Tencent owns or invested in. Also give me a breakdown of what those corporations produce and own