Anti Fragile

Fragile positions include lying on your back, sitting down?

Fragile in so far much as insecure; when you’re lying on your back, you’re in an inferior, dangerous position. For example in the UFC, or mixed martial arts, to be thrown down and on your back, just like a roach or something on its back; a rhino on its back is not a good position to be in. We cannot imagine a gorilla, a dragon, or anything lying on its back; it is a position of submission? Like someone lying down legs spread in a missionary position?

Sitting down is a similar idea; in school we are taught to shut up and sit down, and kowtow, obey the teacher. This is why I hate sitting; putting you or other people who are smaller or shorter or less dominant than you.

This is why when I get heated, I approach a person straight up, stand directly next to them, in front of them, stand straight up, and communicate to them how much bigger, taller, stronger, and more dominant I am than them.