Thinking more ancient

Doda; defense of the ancients, actually a really good idea entitled because perhaps when it comes to the military, the philosophical concept should be centered around defense, not offense.

For example, ancient Spartans. They were all about defense, defending their city state from outside intervention. For the most part, this part just wanted to be left alone.

This is where politics, international politics, culture and the culture wars is so weird;

Just leave them alone!

For example, if somebody wants to be LGBTQ, whatever; why do you care? Just leave them alone!

I suppose they’re a big issue at hand is when you want to be left alone, and you talk and interact in society a certain way, and then other people don’t leave you alone.

For example, let us say that I refer to a person as, boy, girl, man, woman, whatever; I don’t think anybody should “correct” me; shouldn’t they leave me alone and just let me talk the way I want to talk?

Similarly speaking, if somebody is talking a certain way and I don’t like it… I don’t go and “correct” them– I just ignored, turn away, walk away, and just focus on myself?

Social justice warriors are on both sides

What the right, the conservatives, the alt right doesn’t understand is actually, they are also being a “social justice warrior”; they believe in some sort of righteous Christian God-fearing nation, and as a consequence, they don’t want the LGBTQ people to perform a certain way?

Leave the gays alone!

Also, there seems to be a lot of criticism, this ridiculous Fox News talk of “alphabet soup”. But once again, if someone wants to be a man woman or trans or whatever… Why do you care?

Why thinking ancient is good

I think the big issue in today’s world is a lot of these modern day notions are feeble at best. For example, even though I am a huge fan of Kanye West, listening to some of his interview with Lex Fridman, reading some of the transcript etc.… I think the issue is that Kanye thinks too modernly;  using modern analogies like “downloading as much information as I can“, the reason why this is a bad analogy is that we are still stuck in uncritical  modes of thinking, which are connected to technology. Technology for the most part is bad, as even the ancients didn’t really care for technology that much.

Technology, tekhne– technician, these were the craftsman, the art creators of the ancient Greek past; for the most part, they were seen as middle-class. The people on top — if we think about ancient Sparta, the Sparta nobility were part soldier warriors, this Spartan hop lights, I suppose you had king Leonidas, who was also on the front lines of battle, putting his own personal life at risk to defend Sparta.

Apparently back in the day, when it came to war and conquest, thinking about Alexander the great etc.… You had to put your own personal life at risk, at stake, if you partook in war.

 an interesting idea that Naseem Taleb had was if a certain US military general or politician wanted to go to war, the requirement is that you need at least one blood can to be on the front lines of battle, and as a way, you have some sort of indirect skin in the game.

For example, let us say that we reminded ourselves, the past 10 or 20 years; when all this nonsense about weapons a mess destruction, and apparently the guy who popularized the whole “world is flat “concept, might have indirectly convinced the American public to go to war.

Now that I am a pater — and I have a son, Seneca at almost 3 years old… Let us assume that he grows up and becomes 18 years old or 21 years old, would I be comfortable having him suit up in army combat apparel, give him a gun, and have him fight a census war overseas, simply to regain oil power? No.

Similarly speaking, I think the only legitimate form of war and battle is one about defense. For example, let us say that we went in an alternate time universe, and somehow, the German Nazis invaded the shores of Los Angeles and whatever, and that we had to suit up, arm up, And defend the shores of Long Beach, the Los Angeles airport whatever. Then I would actually not think about it twice; grab a gun or whatever, and defend the shores of American soil from outside enemies.

I think the big issue is that America, people don’t seem to realize that we are the bad guys. Truth be told, all the stuff about Palestine, Gaza, the Gaza strip, and Israel is the red hearing; the big bad guy here is America, American military interventionalism,  essentially more or less, the Israel state was created partly by American intervention, because we wanted to secure some sort of military power and influence in the region.

I see a lot of these signs nowadays for “free Palestine“, and some American public hating on Israel, etc. But once again, just read the department of defense website, even the governor general of the US military, I think Lieutenant Austin, quoted and said “we have an ironclad commitment to Israel“.  if anything, perhaps we should consider Israel as a new colony of America; just like how South Korea can be considered a military outpost of the United States as well, to protect American interest from North Korea, China, etc.

Who’s on top?

 in ancient Greek times, the trend was to avoid anything that had to do with politics, and even war; and instead, the focus was to focus on philosophy. This is an interesting strategy because ultimately, philosophers, and their philosophical thoughts have lasted, whereas Military generals, politicians have not.

For example, everyone knows Aristotle, Plato, Socrates etc. Yet Napoleon has fallen out of vogue, even Alexander the great is not as renowned as he should be. 

Technology innovators?

One very underrated tech figure is ERIC Schmidt, the ex Google CEO who built it up into what it is today. Nobody talks about him nor does it seem that anyone cares about him. It is interesting because in fact, ERIC Schmidt has authored many books, the story of Google and beyond; but once again, nobody really knows who he is nor cares for him.

Also Larry Ellison, nobody really knows who he is nor does anyone care. Even Richard Branson, for people my generation nobody really cares for him.

Who has remained relevant? Steve Jobs. Even Jony Ive — i’m a huge fan of him, but nobody really knows who he is anymore nor cares for him. The same thing goes with Steve Wozniak; it seems that the Japanese are crazy about him but once again, no 18-year-old or 12-year-old today knows who he is. Nor cares.

True influentials?

Every 12-year-old kid or 16-year-old kid or a 18-year-old kid nowadays, highschoolers in college students, of course everybody knows who Kanye West is. Same goes with Elon musk. Or at least Tesla cars.

Jeff Bezos, not so much.

So the question is how do certain individuals become so embedded in the public consciousness of certain individuals and age groups, while others don’t?

My first thought is there are some individuals who care too much for money, traditional modes of success, etc. For example I put zero faith in anybody who mentions Napoleon Hill or Steve Covey or anybody who mentions effective habits about something… Or secrets to success, or think and grow rich? None of them is wise.

What do they look like in real life, how tall are they? What is their bodily physique? How does their voice sound?

I was randomly doing some research about Zac Efron, and apparently in real life he is only 5 foot eight? Something people don’t know about me is that I am actually quite tall, around 5 foot 10 1/2, 511, or 181 or 182 cm. of course I am over exaggerating my height, maybe by 5%

The reason why I find this so critical is this: 

just go on Amazon prime video and watch the old footage of Napoleon Hill, in his office, he looks like a loser  old, emaciated, skeletal looking figure, who is once again to focused on this modern day notion of “success“. Success as the modern day notion, we should just get rid of the concept altogether.