Something I’m thinking a lot about entrepreneurship: Why scale? Or in other words: Why is scaling up seen as desirable? And also– are there hidden downsides of having a really big scale? When it is better to be a mouse than an elephant Example from Nassim Taleb‘s “Antifragile” book: A mouse is less likely to… Continue reading Scale


There is no ultimate ‘truth’ — only varying degrees of “truthiness” (degrees of truth). The basic notion is this: The purpose of philosophy isn’t to discover an ultimate truth. The purpose of philosophy is to discover DEEPER LEVELS of truth, which I propose as “truthiness”. Personal truth Furthermore, it is a waste of time (vain… Continue reading Truthiness

Test Your Limits

# Test Your limits Dear friend, A fun idea to ponder: aren’t you curious what your limits are? *** I had this idea while at the gym when I got a new personal record for my “one rep max” for 95lbs Dumbell press (before my maximum was 90 lbs). This is what is fun for… Continue reading Test Your Limits