Wealth Thoughts

Wealth — the same word as “well” (wellness, health).

The first simple thought is that even if you were worth $10 billion, if you had the worlds worst health, it would not be worth it. No amount of Lamborghinis or babes would offset the physiological misery of two hours of sleep a night, being sick, weak, unwell, sleep deprived, over fat, lacking natural light, etc.

We do not want to be Elon Musk

Undoubtedly Elon Musk is the greatest entrepreneur of all time. The more I think about it, it is quite phenomenal that he is CEO of both Tesla and SpaceX, and beyond.

However if you look at his recent interviews, he does not look well. He is putting on a lot of body fat adipose tissue, and it looks like he is lacking muscle mass.

I think that no amount of money fame or success is worth it if your health is poor. This is just my personal thought.

More robust goals?

What is the greatest human good? I think according to Heraclitus, he said, “Seeking immortal fame amongst mortals. Yet the majority of men stuff themselves like cattle.”

I find it very hilarious that for a lot of modern day people and millennials, their life goal is simply to travel the world and eat the worlds most tasty food. However, I think a better goal in life is instead, to seek to build a demigod body.

Your body is your bank account

Another new thought; in today’s world, what is the ultimate sign of wealth and privilege? Having a full body tan. Why? Who is rich and free enough that they could spend time outdoors in the direct sun, with their shirt off? Certainly not the CEO of Apple, the CEO of Amazon, the CEO of Uber, etc.

Even recent migrant workers; they either have a farmers tan, or they just are covered up all day when they’re working anyways.

Also, to have muscle. This is the new modern day sign of wealth, because it is the signal that you have enough leisure and free time to actually work out during the day. For example, who is rich and privileged enough to work out at least twice a day? Besides ERIC KIM? Apparently Kim Kardashian works out at least twice a day, but she has no control over her life. And also she has to deal with a unpleasant personal trainer; I just do all my workouts myself.


Another privilege of the wealthy and rich; sleep. If you actually have the privilege to sleep 8 to 12 hours a night, consider yourself blessed.

For example, if you work in Silicon Valley, and you only sleep four hours a night, even if you are earning $750,000 a year in salary, you are not wealthy.

A very simple strategy to sleep better is only drink coffee in the morning, and be very strict and not drinking coffee later during the day. Why? I think a lot of modern-day people drink coffee simply to work more. To be more productive. However the truly wealthy and privileged do not work. They do not labor. They get their peons and minions to do it instead.

Productivity is a vice.

To be more productive doesn’t mean you are more virtuous. In fact, productivity is a slave mentality.

What do you want to do with your money and bank account anyways?

I think a simple one is people want to travel more. I think this is a very good goal and idea. For example, a lot of my innovative thoughts, even innovating my workout routines at Monkifit gym in Phnom Penh was great. I highly recommend Phnom Penh Cambodia for travel.


And why is traveling such a good use of your money? I think it is because when you travel, you grow a lot. You innovate, because you learn to live with less, you learn to become more minimalist, and think more nomadic.

How I became a digital nomad

The minimalist is a good ideal for us.

Also, you expand your mind. I have learned so much traveling abroad, things I would never be able to learn in school or textbooks. For example, when I first went to Beirut Lebanon, I learned how warm and beautifully complex the people there are, being fluent in French, Arabic, English, etc.

Also, my joy in going to Dubai, and meeting a lot of people from the Middle Eastern regions, meeting people from Saudi, UAE, etc., and learning that they are just humans, not the enemy.

Also, going back to South Korea. My critique of Korea.

What do we really want?

I believe a noble goal for us is to strive to become more intelligent, more wise, stronger, more powerful, bigger muscles, stronger muscles, stronger strength in personal records at lifting weights at the gym, lower body fat adipose tissue, greater joy, levity, and wisdom.

Why wealth?

Wealth is not money, but freedom of time, schedule, your life. For example a simple heuristic;

Can you afford to get rid of your phone?


Can you afford to go a year without using or checking your email?

As long as you have some sort of employer, or foreign employer, or receive a salary from something else or someone else, or a company or a corporation, you are not wealthy.

For example, we might look at the programmer earning $750,000 a year as wealthy, but he or she is not. Why? They are still beholden to the company.

Or, we might think of the CEO of a big tech company, let us say a Tim Cook, or any other CEO as wealthy. But are they? No. They do not have the privilege or the option of just not showing up to work when they don’t want to.

So what should we strive towards?

My friend Timothy Flanagan is very intelligent; he opted for an early retirement as a teacher, instead of working longer, but earning more money.
Some other simple thoughts;

If you have the option of working less, earning a smaller salary, but having more free time, and flexibility of schedule, go for it.

Also —

Better to be self-employed, a sole proprietor, you own yourself, only earning $40,000 a year then being stuck at a big tech company, earning $500,000 a year as salary.

How to become a self employed photographer.

Build equity in yourself

Ultimate wealth generation:

Take and build equity, not money.

The wisdom of Peter Thiel; if you create a company, better to offer part ownership in a company or stock options, rather than a higher salary.

How to get rich

How do we become rich? Very simple;

Create new value.

I think this is the most beautiful way to thrive in today’s world of capitalism. In order to build wealth, and to become rich, you just create new sources of wealth, new capital.

Make and share and publish new ideas, theories, methodologies, concepts, products — whether physical or digital, new things to literally motivate and move people!

Motivate yourself



New thoughts

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  2. How to become insanely strong
  3. Marketing ideas: Identify true human desires, and placate towards them.
  4. Think for yourself: The true privilege and luxury.
  5. Performance human being over performance cars
  6. I’m over it”— a good stoic motto.
  7. Once you know you’re handsome, then what? Then perhaps the approach then is to think more about greater goods and greater things. And greater pursuits.
  8. How to lose fat, body adipose tissue
  9. I really like compression tights
  10. The Will to power — this is what we truly lust for.


715 pound atlas lift — more people should do and attempt the atlas lift.

To become more fit, stronger, think of Darwin and fitness. I think also in the UK, when a woman is beautiful, they call them a “fit bird.” Or “fit” (fit is synonymous with sexy)

Does the fitness need to be “functional“? I don’t think so. My simple suggestion is when it comes to working out and fitness, just do what is fun, interesting, and motivational for you!

How to start weightlifting at the gym >

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Thoughts fly faster than words.



How to fix society? Create your own school. With your own ideals. To educate the youth and the future.

My vision.

We all talk about problems in America. I offer solutions.

My basic thoughts:

1. Educate the youth.

We gotta educate the youth. Especially kids in the ‘hood’. How do we do this? My thoughts:

2. My Three Pillars

  1. Computer Science
  2. Philosophy
  3. Art

Let us consider … in today’s world, any kid with a computer science degree from college can earn ~$80,000 to $100,000 … at the age of 21!!! I propose a simple system of getting every kid in the hood a cheap (used or refurbished) Apple MacBook laptop. Even right now, a new MacBook Air for education starts at around $899 USD.

How to motivate kids

Now the question:

How can we most effectively motivate kids?

Not teaching them about ‘knowledge’. No! We gotta attend to their personal desires!

For example in the hood, kids want:

  1. Fancy sports cars (Lexus, BMW, Mercedes)
  2. Cool sneakers (Nike, Jordan, Adidas, YEEZY)
  3. Money ($100 dollar bills … money to their head)
  4. iPhone (the newest one)
  5. Respect

Now, the best way to motivate a high school kid to study computer science:

Hey Raphael … if you study computer science, and just stick with it in college… you can earn $100,000 a year straight out of college at age 21!!! You can buy your BMW, YEEZY’s, iPhone Pro, etc.

Kids are motivated by money!

Benjamin Franklin money face closeup

Physical education

We gotta bring back physical education. I would encourage mandatory (at least 3 hours a day) of physical (not just mental) education. This is assuming an 6-hour student day. I propose a pure barbell between half-education, and half-physical training. If anything, 80% of the time on physical education is probably more effective.

Why? The more physically fit the students are, the more mentally strong they are too.

The sports can include:

  1. Boxing
  2. Weight Lifting
  3. Racing (foot racing)
  4. Bicycle racing
  5. Wrestling

Essentially any of the sports done during the funeral games of Patroclus in the Iliad.

The Funeral Games of Patroclus is a 1778 oil on canvas by Jacques-Louis David


This is the new home of ERIC KIM SCHOOL.